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Fast Prototyping, Fast materials, Fast Learning

I used temporary methods that were adequate for the prototyping stages.

Although the light chamber will have printed inner walls, I used a thick marker pen to black out the chamber. 38 more words

Dan Jones

My 2015 Reading Resolution

Happy New Year!

I hope you all entered 2015 happy and with resolutions aplenty. I know it seems a bit cheesy nowadays to make resolutions, after all, why should we change? 982 more words


19 - Incest?


Today is my last day of rest until I head back on Friday so I did what I have spent most of my free time this holiday doing – playing on Sims! 226 more words


End of the year reading

So, like many years in the past few, I fell far short of reaching my reading goal. At list this year I had somewhat of an excuse such as planning my own wedding. 309 more words

Science Fiction

Better than Fiction: 'Britain's Bloodiest Dynasty'

Channel 5’s Britain’s Bloodiest Dynasty aired its premier episode on Thursday 27th November. I was aware that it was coming to a television screen near me as it had received a fair amount of hype in the previous weeks. 315 more words

Straight from the horse's mouth?

……… in which Dr. John Ashdown-Hill, who located the mtDNA match, tells nerdalicious what these findings really mean, not what the Cairo brigade (eg Hicks, Dan Jones and their acolytes) are already twisting them to mean: 105 more words