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Picking Winners and Losers: An Update on the IRS

By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

I find Dan Mitchell, a Libertarian, a Fellow at the CATO Institute and editor of his own site, “International Liberty  to be a seriously funny and intelligent guy. 146 more words

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We Are Detroit?

The cash strapped, bankruptcy declared, run down, abandoned city of Detroit recently came to a settlement with all of the major stakeholders to move past its bankruptcy issues. 696 more words

Dan Mitchell


The word sorry is defined as feeling regret or penitence and is used to express apology. The word sorry derived from a German root word meaning “sore or pained.” It originally was meant to convey the feeling of being distressed, full of sorrow. 484 more words

Dan Mitchell

The First Post

There is just too much pressure in regards to what someone should write for their first blog post. I have thought about what to write about for two and a half weeks. 84 more words

Dan Mitchell


First appeared in The College Fix


Opposing economist asks why disincentives in carbon tax wouldn’t apply to income tax

Economists at the University of Pennsylvania and University of Bonn argue that the United States would be better off if well-heeled citizens paid the kind of high tax rates not seen since the Eisenhower administration. 715 more words

Top 10 Creepiest True Stories

How many of you reading this have watched a horror movie or played a horror themed video game? Probably nearly everyone, and you probably made it through the experience by telling yourself that it’s only made up and things like that don’t actually happen in real life… Well think again. 2,694 more words

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