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Fan Friday: Scully Likes Science by Ryan English

“Scully Likes Science” by Ryan English is a catchy techno remix of our favourite sceptical federal agent Dana Scully and her love of science.


5x17: All Souls

“Father, I told you that I had a sin to confess … But the sin of which I’m guilty … I’m not sure if you can offer forgiveness.” – Dana Scully… 1,432 more words

The X-files

Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week, Volume 5

Season two goes out in a literal blaze of glory. Season three comes to us in a dream with an unbuttoned shirt and starts quoting song lyrics. 


5x16: Mind's Eye

“I think she’s got some kind of sixth sense that lets her see in the dark. Like a bat or something.” — Detective Pennock

Mulder and Scully get caught up in a murder investigation involving a blind woman who can see through the killer’s eyes. 1,301 more words

The X-files

5x15: Travelers

“Have you ever heard of HUAC, Agent Mulder–the House Un-American Activities Committee? No, no, no, it was before your time. You wouldn’t know. They hunted communists in America in the ’40s and ’50s. 1,671 more words

The X-files