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7x09: Signs and Wonders

“Maybe it’s symbolic. I mean, serpents and religion have gone hand in hand. They’ve represented the temptation of Eve– Original Sin. They’ve been feared and hated throughout history as they’ve been thought to embody Satan– to serve Evil itself.” … 1,050 more words

The X-files

Defining Roles - Gillian Anderson

For the second in my series of Defining Roles posts, after starting with Benedict Cumberbatch, I wanted the next post to focus on an actress who I’ve admired for most of my life and who continues to do brilliant and varied work and that’s Gillian Anderson. 908 more words


7x08: The Amazing Maleeni

“So basically he died of a heart attack, somebody crept up behind him, sawed his head off and then glued it back on all in the space of 30 seconds. 1,133 more words

The X-files

7x07: Orison

“I’m going to run you a bath.” — Donnie Pfaster

Our heroes are tasked with recapturing the infamous Donnie Pfaster, and Scully has to come to terms with a trauma renewed. 1,452 more words

The X-files

7x06: The Goldberg Variation

“What if this man had some kind of special ability? Some kind of genetic predisposition towards rapid healing, or tissue regeneration?” — Fox Mulder
“So, basically, what if we were looking for Wile E.
1,157 more words

The X-files

7x05: Rush

“Max could tell them. You know why you collapsed don’t you, Max?” – Fox Mulder
“Yeah, too much teen spirit.” – Max Harden
“You think? Smells like murder to me.” – Fox Mulder… 1,281 more words

The X-files

7x04: Millennium

“If there’s anybody that can tell us about the Millennium Group, it’s him. He used to consult for them. Later, he fought to bring them down at the expense of his own career and reputation.” — Fox Mulder… 1,673 more words

The X-files