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STAINED GLASS Official Dance Film Release

When we work so incredibly hard on something, there comes with it a great fear of how it will be perceived by others. If all of that work will be embraced with open arms, or rejected with harsh criticism. 498 more words


We are not what we appear to be...

We all wear masks.

Every single one of us, in some way or another, tries to hide or control the image of ourselves we project onto others. 374 more words


The Creative Process (Solving a Rubik's Cube)

 I confess: I have a passionate love/hate relationship with the creative process. I’m quite sure I’m in very good company.

No matter the artistic medium, I see the artist/art relationship as that of solving a Rubik’s Cube. 451 more words


Our Reflection: Illusion or Truth?

What is our true self? Is there a core you, or are there an endless amount of layers which are equally and uniquely “you?” How does one begin to even answer such questions? 412 more words


Look Within...

What does your reflection reveal about you?

What does it hide?

“It’s not what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside that counts.”

So much of our understanding of the world and our place in it is derived from environmental and societal factors, externals powerfully shaping our views. 326 more words


STAINED GLASS: A film about all of us

When I began developing this company almost four years ago, I really had no idea what was to unfold. I just knew that I wanted to stay true to why I decided it to call it DANSPIEK– to speak through dance. 358 more words