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Don't be a 'dancer', be a human dancing...

I could barely contain my excitement. I went as ‘faculty’ to watch the workshop, but I so just wanted to get up to my feet and dance. 224 more words


Horses in a Barn

One thing that most teachers don’t comprehend is that the psychological and physiological aspects of a person are like two horses in a barn.

If either one of these elements is disrupted or spooked, the other one will be pulled into a panic and join in the fray of confusion.  554 more words

Ballet Technique

Your petit allegro is awful...

Petit Allegro is neglected at most smaller schools in the US. It seems to be tossed aside, or never really done right. Either the tempo is too slow, or they just don’t teach their students the importance of petit allegro. 331 more words


Stir Crazy

I’ve recently had to take some time off from dancing, and it’s amazing to me how quickly I begin to get restless.  I have the same problem on long car rides, train trips, and of course airplane flights.  343 more words

Ballet Dancers

2014-2015 Auditions

Auditions for the upcoming season are quickly approaching.  Typically, auditions are thought of as an important time for a dance company to decide who will dance in the next season, but PTDT wants dancers to also get to know the company.  1,022 more words


4 Lies Your Dance Teacher Taught You

I danced in a strict classical ballet studio. If your hair wasn’t slicked into a bun, if there was a hole in your tights, if your leotard wasn’t black, sorry, no dancing for you that day, you could sit and watch. 970 more words