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Huuu Huuu...

Yeaah Good Mood … The Great Irony…


Dancing In The Dark

There are some dances out there online that I can watch on repeat for hours and hours especially when the dancers can evoke such deep and raw emotions for the viewers to experience. 136 more words


A to Z P is for....PIXIES

Okay. It’s a good thing I have another resource for pixies other than the Internet. The world wide web would have me believe that the little folk who were the first inhabitants of Cromwell, who waged war against the fairies about the time of the Roman conquest, who have red hair, turned up noses, green eyes  and wear green to camouflage themselves in the lush and grassy countryside–are actually an alternative rock band from Boston in 1986. 106 more words

A To Z

State of Mind

Your thoughts create your reality.  As a dancer, this is an incredibly important concept to understand. Most dancers spend hours cultivating their body, working on form and steps, sculpting their body to the shape they want it to take.  968 more words

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