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90s Rave | Dusky - 'Yoohoo' (VIDEO)

London house duo, Dusky, are bringing some 90s rave vibes with their new music video “Yoohoo.”

Channeling the glowsticks, energy drinks, cross colors, and intergalactic vibes, this 90s techno-style video will have you raving out of your chair. Or something of the sort.


#90Seconds of #305Fitness: Try Something New

It’s not often that I get up on a cold Saturday morning to walk to a workout class, when I have a gym in my building. 298 more words

Debra Alfarone

Dancing On the Promise

There’s nothing I can’t dance on
No discouragement or defeat
No fear to keep me from the heights
I know I’m meant to reach

No weapon formed against me… 19 more words

My Block


The summer camp I went to in Maine had to install a backup generator system, made necessary by the energy demands of 150 Jewish girls simultaneously using their hair straighteners. 1,766 more words


Hunting for Leprechauns

Anyone with sense knows that leprechauns exist. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a boring person with absolutely no imagination. The Schrickers were folks with much sense about leprechauns. 497 more words

Growing Up Memories

To Breathe is to Be Alive

1-and-a, 2-and-a, 3-and-a, 4-and-a… The rhythm pulses through me. I love this rhythm, I am addicted to it.

Dancing is a passion, a deep passion that I love with the blood of my heart. 511 more words

Growing Up Memories

The Dance Injury

She was emotionally drained (that is her excuse for crying so easily).

The doctor flexed her knees as he did the rotation.

“Well,” he said to her and her mom, “Everything is functioning correctly.” 246 more words