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New Music: Multiple Mono - When it rains it pours (Butane Remix)

It seems apt that as I sit here with the remnants of Hurrican Gonzalo buffeting the trees and the rain driving against the windows that I should be listening to New Yorks Multiple Mono’s track ‘When it rains it pours’ (although its quite possibly advocating another meaning of the phrase, but run with me on this). 127 more words


The contrasting representations of women in dance.

The female dancer has been around for years, but the representation of women and what a woman should be has become harder to define due to conflicting a number of reasons. 368 more words


Praying one word at a time

Stirring, submissive, sex, sensuality, stroking, scratching sighing, succumbing, safe, sick, surreal, slight, strong, story, stillness, signs, sexual, sacrament, salacious, seethe, sublime, Siren, sweet, suckle, savior, slinky, skin, stinging, satisfied, secrets, scented, second, support, secretary, sewn, seize, spellbound, shelter, serve, sustenance, statuesque, salvation, sounds, salivate, serendipitous, scrying, scaring, screaming, shell, squirm, slower, sanguine, silky, spread, sin, sheer, sovereign, surrender, sustainable, serene, sweet, shine, swoon, summit, saint, soul, swallow, shameless, suck, sinew, spray, solicit, squirt, spatter, sordid, spectacle, show, stage, spanking, sore, secretions, shaven, slave, stolen, slap, supine, sequence, sully strive, subjugate, soliloquy, suddenly, susurrus, sacred, suppressed, symphony, suspect, suspicion, stagger, swagger, soothing, smile, serene, siesta, social, Sphinx, shapes, shattered, saved, smoke, sprinkled, spirits, smooth, snare soulmate, share, surround, Sunday, soon, sermon, shadow, sway, set, sensation, scintillating, slumberdoll, slutty, slur, stars, scars, stranger, sleek, sliver, slice, sheen, slick, supernatural, sacrifice, stomach, saliva, street, stranger, strip, séance, swell, shudder, sleek, screen, suit, suicidal, spit, stirring, swish, splice, shield, sleep, savage, solemn, self, serenity, sugar, steamy, sensate, smut, sore, sedated, should, seeing, scourge, switch, sanctified, seraphic, saved, stranger, shock, subdue, spotless, Salem, silver, succulent, succumb, seed, sorcery, swale, swan, specter, sprout, sold, squeeze, science, serve, subscribe, sides. 18 more words

E.M. Hansen

Bourbon Blasted Cherry Goodness

After a month of absence we are back! Sorry for the prolonged hiatus but 
we needed to gather some taco inspiration and research . This 
collaborative cooking adventure should make up for lost time so here we 
go... 460 more words

poem without a title

sitting here watching these people dance in silhouette

some of it i just don’t get

but youthful exuberance alludes me at this moment

someone sits next to me, “sucks don’t it” 98 more words

Daily Satisfaction - Chvrches - Get Away

New Chvrches song, really liked them since there remix of Hurricane. Make sure you check it out!


Daily Satisfaction