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Damage to the Dancers: Why dancers are the bottom of the show food chain!

You can’t be here, you can’t sit on that, you’re in the way, they say. Move dancers, move!

I recently put my dancing shoes back on (post-tonsillectomy) for a massive live TV event packed with celebrities and international artists. 909 more words


Feeding The Creative Spirit(Passion) - {Adjusting Our Imagination & Purifying Our Innocence

Innocence:  Pure in heart and in thought, free of worldly assumptions or pursuits.  Combine this mind set with a youthful state of mind… BAM!  {And you thought Luke and Yoda had the “Force” please, not even close!} … 306 more words

organizer par excellence...

That’s me!

Give me a dwelling, any dwelling, and I can turn it into a cozy home. Ask my husband and daughter. They’ll swear I’m a miracle worker when it comes to making the most of any amount of square footage. 503 more words


Titan Rhyme

Such sad songs are sung

As singers sing unto the sun

And dances are danced

By dancers who dance

For love, for light, to be as one. 35 more words


For the Educational Dancer...

Dear Dancer,

You probably have started your first year in college as a dance major and as you begin to take class you might be thinking, “What the hell did I get myself into?” You are probably come from a competition background, and have amazing leaps and turns.

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Moulin Rouge

Ladies and Gent at the finest affair,

Linked arm-in-arm with noses in the air.

Paying no mind to the commoner on the street,

Entering the great hall they prepare for a treat. 133 more words