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The Movies of 1990

Buying and Selling: The Movies of 1990

Instead of focusing on an individual movie, I’ve instead decided to look at an entire year’s worth of movies. 1,624 more words

Draft Day gets it right

YEP – “There is no such thing as a sure thing,” Jennifer Garner tells Kevin Costner as he labors over which collegiate star he should select with the number one overall pick in the NFL draft. 363 more words

Now On DVD

CEM 21 No. 259 2014, Writing

More than a few years ago I sought out the advice of an accomplished, acclaimed, and award-winning prolific Writer whose work I had long admired. We talked for a time in what he called “his writing studio”, and as the time allowed came to an end I asked if how it was he managed to produce so much quality writing. 955 more words


rev: Avatar [2009]


Mildly entertaining but predictable and largely unoriginal. Want to watch something? Go watch Dances with Wolves. 557 more words


Movie Review- Black Robe

Black Robe- 1991; Directed by Bruce Beresford

Too often great films are overshadowed… by inferior productions with slicker marketing, more funding, and appearances by A-list stars.  212 more words


For all of you "Dances with Wolves" fans out there...

I stumbled upon this place that happens to house the Dances with Wolves film set while out on a morning run next to the rv site here in Fort Hayes, a western town in the Black Hills of South Dakota.   60 more words

RV Trip