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Django In The U.S.A

This was always going to be one of the first things I drew for Django.  I love Bruce Springsteen and every single one of his albums (even the latest ones). 74 more words


Radio XLIV, side A, track 7: "Dancing In The Dark" by Bruce Springsteen

Oh, Bruce Springsteen, you’re pretty ridiculous, you know that?  Seriously, dude, how can one man have so much talent?  I’ll admit, I haven’t listened to “Dancing In The Dark” for quite some time, but I just did.   594 more words


Just answer the question, please

Sometimes when I’m daydreaming on my couch with my cats and dogs asleep around me, I like to imagine how great it would be to ask Bruce something. 507 more words

Bruce Springsteen

Rocking with "The Boss"

“Daaaaaaa, it’s Dale.  Bruce Springsteen’s coming to town.”

It was July of 2002.  I was sitting in the stands at “Gatorland” in Orlando, waiting for the next feeding of the alligators, when Dale calls me on my cell phone. 638 more words


Generation Y’s Guide to Born in the U.S.A.

by Andrew Doscas

It’s been 30 years since Bruce Springsteen released his seminal Born in the U.S.A., a pop cultural phenomena and socio-political commentary on mid-80s America.  3,428 more words

Andrew Doscas