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A Fab Day Out MU-ving it with George Sampson

In the Summer Holidays you have to keep the kids active otherwise they will drive you insane, this is so true for me as I work from home so active kids in the day means knackered kids in the evening – you get my drift on this ;-) So when I received the invite from MU Cheese to attend an event at the National Football Museum in Manchester I thought it would be fab for my boys. 344 more words


Dancing in the sand

I had a cinematic experience the other night.

Think about the dream or flashback sequences you see in movies. Directors give you an impression of whats happening by moving the camera around in a wonky fashion- capturing people’s feet, their left hand- a second of their face. 421 more words


Foreign Moves

Foreign Moves

Dancing wildly
To the sounds of every land
Hearing the call
Of every woman, child, and man
Following the steps
Of the past fathers and mothers… 102 more words

Trying to Believe in My Mythical and Mystical Future

I just finished watching Joe vs. the Volcano for about the sixth time. The first time I watched it, I didn’t particularly care for the film but I watched it again and again because I could not get one image out of my mind — the scene where Tom Hanks is in the middle of the ocean, floating on his makeshift raft, and dancing. 525 more words


History of Dance: My Version

So, how does one go about becoming an exotic dancer? I promise the idea doesn’t just pop into most women’s head as their ideal career. What I do know is there is money to be made and many are willing to give it to you if you do it right. 790 more words


contagious happiness ...

So today I’m home in bed, getting over a quick burst of flu or some similar nonsense. I was browsing through my Facebook feed, and I came across this little gem (and watching it made me feel much, much better :-) ). 56 more words