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Everything That Rises Must Converge

My experience as a Loft Mentor Series speaker.

It had been going on for some time before I noticed. My daughter was choosing an adult out of the people milling about at the… 454 more words


Things making me smile this week

Apologies for yesterday’s short and not particularly inspiring post, a busy day combined with the short week and a minor dance-related issue playing on my mind (thanks S for helping sort…) meant I wasn’t really prepared for posting. 350 more words

Reel Brazil Film Festival

Looking for cultured entertainment this rainy Anzac weekend? The 5th Reel Brazil Film Festival is upon us, with Fiestas & films in Auckland, Wellington and Nelson. 194 more words


I Tried Contact Improv Dance... And I Liked It

After exploring ecstatic dance in San Diego and learning how to strengthen my intuition, curiosity and creativity, I soon caught wind of something called contact improv dance. 294 more words

It's a Dance-off Struggle

Everyone enjoys going out to dance. It’s a great time and a freedom of expression that can be empowering and a sense of relaxation. The problem is that some of us may not be as co-ordinated as we all like to think. 16 more words