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DHQ Fraules dancing to "Make me wine" (King Richman remix) by TIFA & WARD 21

This was wonderful time in Wien – this is edit video simply with me, yet pretty soon the FULL version is coming! 13 June! track by Richvibes Records iTunes hyperlink https://it

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Watch: The Gaslight Anthem's video for "Rollin' and Tumblin'"

With their video for “Get Hurt”, the title track to their upcoming fifth studio album, New Jersey rockers The Gaslight Anthem provided the soundtrack for some passionate dance routines. 129 more words


Vin Diesel Shows Jimmy Fallon His Breakdancing Moves

Before he got famous, Vin Diesel and his brother were already in the entertainment business — not as actors, but as breakdancers.

Naturally, during last night’s… 38 more words

Ladies, Keep Your Drinks Off the Dance Floor

Wedding season is way upon us. I LOVE going to weddings, but most of all I love the reception that follows. Usually good friends, great dancing music, and a terrific excuse for some impulsive decisions that may be a little out of character. 342 more words


you spin my head right round right round

Remember when you were a little girl and the excitement you got when wearing a dress because that meant spinning round and round in hopes of creating the elusive “cupcake swirl” with the bottom part of your dress? 112 more words

#A Few Quiet Drinks

I was behaving and saving so I hadn’t been out for a few nights since our 10am stumble through the door. Marina and I decided to head over to the Bay for a few, which is over the other side of funnily enough the bay. 793 more words

A Fab Day Out MU-ving it with George Sampson

In the Summer Holidays you have to keep the kids active otherwise they will drive you insane, this is so true for me as I work from home so active kids in the day means knackered kids in the evening – you get my drift on this ;-) So when I received the invite from MU Cheese to attend an event at the National Football Museum in Manchester I thought it would be fab for my boys. 344 more words