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The Mole Catcher

One of the benefits of writing a daily blog over a period of more than two years is that it can be used to jog one’s own memory. 905 more words

Are You a Military Brat?

Every so often a special person comes in to your life. We have found that special person in Bob Holliker of BratPin.com.  Bob came to us a while back and wanted us to work with him to produce unique items for the “Military Brat” community. 376 more words

“Are you an adoptee who feels like a weed, out of place and unloved?”

Have you ever felt that you were imprudently transplanted like a wild bramble growing in a cultivated field of strawberries? Have you ever experienced the hurtful feelings of being judged; viewed with contempt and disapproval; or considered undesirable and unwanted in a particular situation because you were adopted? 604 more words


Look what I found in a charity shop this morning, I love it! I’m obsessed with resin pieces especially orbs and dandelions :D Meeeps