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Green & Green - Fun Wid Us

by mikichobi
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Dyeing red with dandelion... or not!

It was a day for harvesting…

…and a friend from the Guild had given me a booklet from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens which described a method for achieving magenta with dandelion (taraxacum 0fficinale).  214 more words

Natural Dyeing


A few dandelions have popped up recently, but I was surprised to see one yesterday that had already gone to seed. Despite the wind that kicked up from time to time, the dandelion remained a perfect sphere. 25 more words


Dandelion - Fun Wid Us

by ricar2000
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Dandelion nursery kids room removable quote vinyl wall decals stickers AY695

Attention:when you receive the item,spead out it and flatten with something for 2-3 days. Beautiful Home Art Decor Wall Sticker Sheet Size: 40*60cm / One Sheet Shipping Weight: 78g Become an interior decorator and transform your living space from ordinary to extraordinary with these unique stickers! 204 more words

It's all Yellow

The dandelion bloom has begun…a wonderful event of the season. The pollinators are taking advantage of the warm sunny day to bring in the food that dandelions provide. 33 more words


Yellow Gold is Everywhere

It started yesterday as TC picked dandelions to make dandelion honey, a concoction of flowers infused in a sugar solution and then reduced to a syrup. 497 more words