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Super Dandruff Problems?

While some flakes can be good – dandruff flakes definitely are not desirable. So what exactly is dandruff? 

What we commonly call dandruff is a common term for the diagnosis… 238 more words


Freedom from lice naturally with teatree oil

Why let your kid’s beautiful childhood be affected by the pesky & embarrassing problem called LICE???

Anyone can get it but it is fairly common in school going kids because of the close proximity with each other which allow the lice to get transmitted easily.Head lice are parasitic wingless insects which live on the scalp of your head and thrive on your blood.They also lay eggs which are called nits , and which grow into adult lice when their growth cycle is over. 214 more words

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Adjusting to the Water

Dearest Mickey,

A surprising adjustment to living in Chile is the water. It’s perfectly sanitary and safe to drink, unlike most South American countries, which is nice. 51 more words


Tip DIY Natural Anti Dandruff Mask with Clay and Essential Oils

To have beatiful hair, you need to have a healthy scalp….

any dandruff???

I have a natural DIY recipe, easy to do, easy to apply!! 249 more words

Natural Cosmetics Recipes

Pampering yourself at home

Pampering yourself at home kills time and saves money ;-). These were techniques that i had googled, analysed, tried and it had worked out for me. 473 more words


Can Your Scalp Get Sunburn?

Sunburn on the scalp is very common, yet people may not connect the dots if and when their scalp gets a bit sensitive after a day or few in the sun.  311 more words

Seasonal Hair Tips

Jonsson protein at Westgate review

No doubt, I love to have different hairstyle! But ever since I start working, I realised that I drop my hair significantly :( Usually I love to do simple scalp & hair treatments salon nearby my house (cause its cheaper) okie back to topic…. 397 more words