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Dealing with Seborrheic Dermatitis

I finally went back to the shampoo that has helped my seborrheic dermatitis , MG217 Psoriasis. This stuff is a miracle worker in a bottle ! 97 more words

Natural Hair

DIY Hot Oil Treatment: Clarify and Shine

I love having a hot oil treatment at a salon. It lasts forever, your hair feels super silky and happy, but my wallet doesn’t.

Here’s an amazing little hair treatment for a lazy day off. 631 more words


Home Remedies For Dandruff In Kids And Adults

We all know how frustrating dandruff can be, especially in winters when it turns huge. People who suffer from extensive dandruff often avoid wearing black and shiny clothing which reveals dandruff flakes. 35 more words

DIY Scalp Care

I have the worst scalp…literally. I tried everything I could to make my scalp and hair healthy. I could never get rid of the flakes. I tried more conditioner, I tried dandruff shampoo, I tried showering more, I tried showering less, I even tried the ‘no poo’ method. 395 more words


Kitchen Beautician | Part one (Brown Sugar Scalp Scrub ❤

As you’ve probably read, one of my April goal is to try out different D.I.Y hair and skin care recipes. Well, the first I’ve chosen to try so far is the brown sugar scalp scrub, I have specifically chosen to give this scrub a go as my scalp is a problem area that I have issues with. 337 more words

DIY hair spray to Kiss dandruff goodbye !

Sick of the white stuff that lands on your shoulders you worry about everytime you wear black clothes well today I’m sharing with you guys a great home remedy to treat rebel dandruff


Ditching Shampoo - The Final Verdict.

I can safely say I’m out of the no-shampoo adjustment period. I was experiencing straw-like, greasy hair for about a week. I did some reading and it was suggested that I might be overusing the apple cider vinegar, so one night I used baking soda only and woke up the next morning with a mane so fabulous, I couldn’t believe it. 457 more words

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