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Danger Mouse Reboot: "OH CRUMBS DM!"

Although not born in the time of airing of Danger Mouse I was exposed to it as a child and have always had a strange fascination and love for the characters and series as a whole. 630 more words

Quick Pickle

What We're Listening To: Broken Bells

As mentioned before, I don’t tend to be one for supergroups. Since my recent divulgence in Angels and Airwaves, however, I have become more open to the possibilities they can present. 420 more words

What We're Listening To

Sunday Suggestion - Broken Bells - Perfect World

Broken Bells are the joining of The Shins’ James Mercer and Danger Mouse a.k.a Brian Burton who released their second studio After the Disco album in January last year. 190 more words


Amplify’s Best Albums of 2014: 5 to 1

05. Jenny Lewis – The Voyager

With her first release in six year, the return of Jenny Lewis is like running into an old friend you haven’t seen in years. 786 more words


Mon buzz 2014? Broken Bells.

L’année tire déjà à sa fin, on en vient a se poser plusieurs questions et même pour certain a planifier de futures résolutions, celles passés étant déjà passé dans l’oubli.   718 more words


Danger Mouse

This morning we got up at 2:00am to walk to a view point called “Pico do Papa Gaio” I think the translation is something something Parrots Peak. 34 more words