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The beer a bear

At wood’s edge.

There was a time

a tossed sandwich

would bring him

straight to the car,

the trunk to him

but a lordly can of beans.

Danger Zone

You condemn me with eyes
of molten lava, crush me
beneath the weight of your voice.
Earth against my skin, you erupted
without warning. My body is covered… 130 more words


Media Moment: What state has the most difficult driving test?

What state has the most difficult driving test? (Write about it.) P. 74 of The ABC List of Feature Ideas.

Some say New Jersey because it changes often; others say California. 106 more words

Taemin in Danger with Solo Debut

So this is just my opinion from watching his MV and performances on shows. I honestly fo not like the video or the dancing. I have seen him dance sharper when with Shinee and honestly since he is such a great dancer I was expecting more. 60 more words


Keep your distance!

In my son’s continuing saga of man & ┬áinsects: while completing a renovation project, Tony came upon these dangerous critters.


Women Has A Place In The Society

If a female member of your family had a doctor’s appointment, I`m sure you would have preferred it, that she was going to a female doctor. 558 more words