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Book Review: The End Games by James Barrow

This brilliant yet stunning novel by James Barrow involves three lives, two tragedies, and one act of revenge. A lawyer and a cardiologist head on a yacht thinking they will be taking a trip to paradise, but instead are taken into something more than they bargained for. 97 more words

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Mississippi Officers Searching for 4 Missing Girls - ABC News

Mississippi authorities were searching Thursday for four young girls last seen with their mother and stepfather who are charged with mistreating the children.

The girls had been put into state protective custody, but Canton Assistant Police Chief Juan Cloy said investigators believe the mother and stepfather took them after the couple got out of jail on bond. 61 more words


First Take: All-New X-Factor #14

Marvel Comics

Written by Peter David

Art by Pop Mhan

Cover by Kris Anka

The premise of a corporate sponsored super-hero team and an interesting mix of team personalities (Polaris, Quicksilver, Danger, Warlock, Cypher and Gambit) has led to All-New X-Factor being one of the better books from Marvel’s second wave of new titles. 196 more words


Throwing it back

Baby Bronson, Mylo and Dash.. Of course Dash is the cry-baby.

No batteries required.

So I’ve been away from writing crazy work stories for a while, mostly due to Dave getting old and refusing to turn on. (Dave is my laptop, before anyone questions what I get up to in my spare time). 283 more words


Reasons my Teenager is Screaming

Raising a teenager is fun. Mostly.

They are becoming more independent, have lots of smart and funny things to say, sleep a ridiculous amount.

But then there are the moments where something clicks inside the teenaged mind, based on some event in the environment (usually something the mother did), and then there is a short circuit causing all of the humor and intelligence to vanish and instantaneously be replaced with an all encompassing ball of rage. 333 more words


Jellyfish in the Baby Pool: Protecting my child with special needs

All parents want to protect their children. We are constantly on guard, looking for potential threats. Parenting a child with special needs often requires an extra measure of caution, because problems can hide in the most innocent of places. 2,797 more words

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