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Life and Death in Guangzhou

One of the biggest concerns for all travellers is safety.  Moving to China as a young female is daunting enough without worrying about the prospect of what might happen to you after accidentally wandering into a dodgy area of town.   376 more words

Stay Tuned In

A former park ranger at Yellowstone National Park tells the story of a ranger who was leading a group of hikers in the park. The ranger was telling the hikers about the flowers and animals, and he considered the messages on his two-way radio disrupting to his talk, so he turned it off. 99 more words

Christian Living

Deep Water

In deep water I do tread,

The beginning of my doubt.

Fingers playing on the surface

As I watch the ripples multiply.

Second guessing my decision… 15 more words

Are You Living in a Fool's Paradise?

I was just 25 years old and living alone for my first time. I had taken a shower early on a Saturday morning to prepare for a long day of chores and errands. 590 more words

Beware if your kids wear Crocs and ride escalators

Beware the end of the escalator, our mothers always said—if you don’t hop off quickly, your shoe will get caught.

Most of us figured this was some kind of urban (or suburban shopping mall) myth. 839 more words

Poison Pie (Black Bryony)

Um… What should we write about today?

I am a firm believer that those who would destroy nature should in turn be destroyed by nature. With this in mind I have made numerous planning applications to my local council for a pit full of dangerous animals. 585 more words


What is #idgaflap?

Have you been wondering why I don’t give a flap, or what I even mean by flap? Well, I’m definitely not talking about cat flaps. 294 more words