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Disaster Waiting to Happen

Why am I so fascinated by disasters? I know that we as a people – an American people especially – have practically an addiction to such stories, but why… 363 more words


The Adventures of Ratha James Part Four

The Adventures of Ratha James Part Four

The crew of the Raven’s Wing was completely comprised of women; no man was allowed to set foot aboard her, not even to keep her from sinking. 696 more words


Fantastic Forkéd Beast

The fantastic forkéd beast is waiting.
No Maidens Inward, so I go forward:
I place a sole upon each prong
And pause for fate, but not for long, 51 more words

Macro Photography : Danger Ahead by alex_appleby

This ant seems blithely unaware of the danger it is headed towards. However the lizard seems to be ignoring it… for the time being!
Taken in Costa Rica


The promised land. Crossfit

The day finally arrived. Crossfit Day.

Techie and I were ever so nervous. Having had about a million wees, and allowing 50 minutes to travel 20 miles, we eventually departed. 377 more words



Maybe the greatest blessing i have tonight, are these long moments without you, for i can see you from afar and you’re not dangerous anymore, and my once relentless mind has gone on standby.

With out Risk there is little reward.

You have it heard it before..probably too many times yet it still might not sink in. What we perceive as putting it on the line can become less and less of a focus in our lives. 342 more words