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Aggressive Dog? Depends on Who's Making the Call

When Rumpy and I are out and about, we see all sorts of reactions in people.

Some people get a look of surprise on their face, as though they’re not quite sure what to make of him. 348 more words


Danger, Danger

Smaller dogs like myself know only too well that we have to look out for ourselves.

Take this morning for instance. I entered the park in my usual enthusiastic way, sniffing all over the place and darting to the left and right as Jaq walked on ahead. 184 more words

Another Bad Guy

I’ve mentioned before in past posts that I am an advocate for  animals in the court system in the metro area of Chicago.  Often, I go to court, and there isn’t much of a case.  543 more words


All Dogs Should Be Kept On A Leash - Too Scared To Walk My Dog

I don’t walk my Whippet Magic at all as he is terrified of people and goes ape shit barking if anybody dares to walk past him. 468 more words

Random Ramblings

I was bullied off of social media today...

This is the story of how i was bullied off of social media for for taking in an animal in need…

I saw an ad on a friends fb page, she’s a mediator for an animal charity, she said she had come accross a staffy in Newark with a nice family that had moved and couldnt keep him at their new house, i went over and met him, he was soft as anything, the family played with my son and cuddled him and fussed him, the dog played with him beautifully, i thought id found a genuinely loving animal, he had a destictive white mark on the back of his next, he was gorgeous so i took him home with me shortly after, upon arriving at my home, he had a bit of a run about and marked his teritory, i put some food down for him which he wasnt at all interested in, despite his previous owners saying it was all he would eat, he played in the garden for a short while, came back into my living room and my cat darted into the living room as i had shut him in the hallway, the dog immediately clocked onto him, charged for him, my little boy was in his way so he snapped at him, knocked him flying, ran THROUGH my metal baby gate and started tearing into my poor ivan like he was a rag doll, i hit the dog with the gate several times and ended up having to choke him off by twisting his collar and i locked him in my downstairs loo where he went barmy. 899 more words


Bishop of Chester speaks during question time on dog licensing

On 16th December 2014, Lord Hoyle asked Her Majesty’s Government whether they have any plans to reintroduce a dog licensing fee. The Bishop of Chester, the Rt Revd Peter Forster, asked a supplementary question: 155 more words


Dog attack leaves woman in critical condition

Plainfield police responded to a dog attack on Putnam Road Wednesday morning.

Police say a healthcare worker, 56-year-old Lynne Denning of Canterbury, was attacked by two to four dogs while caring for an elderly patient at 379 Putnam Road. 36 more words

Dangerous Dog