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Dangerous dogs in Richmond will be returned to owner under conditions


The two Rottweilers were seized in October

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RICHMOND (NEWS1130) – A judge has made a ruling in a dangerous dog case in Richmond. 151 more words


Dog owners taking legal action after banned breeds are seized by police

Owners start legal action against police

Dangerous dogs

Six dog owners whose banned breeds were seized and put down in a police crackdown are taking legal action against the force. 467 more words


RSPCA on Dangerous Dogs Debate: “Every single dog can and will use aggression”

20 year old Jessica Bradbury, of Cambridge was attacked by her own pet Staffordshire Bull-Terrier in July 2012 leaving her hand severely scarred with long term nerve damage. 533 more words

The Truth Behind The Dangerous Dog


The Pit Bull, the Dogo Argentino, the Fila Brasileiro and the Japanese Tosa. Four breeds of dog with one thing in common – each has been banned in the UK. 587 more words

Pest control 'struggling to cope' with dangerous mythical creatures

Pest control officers are struggling to cope with a growing number of dangerous mythical creatures around Harold.

Already this week, Elvis Smith has been called out to tackle a Cerberus and five centaurs, and one vague description of a pegasus. 299 more words

Around Harold

New Dog Laws in the UK

Dog law is changing in a big way, it will effect all dog owners in a huge way. It will ultimately lead to hundreds of dogs being put to sleep for being “dangerous” as well as responsible owners being effected and penalised as well as irresponsible ones. 281 more words


Louis Theroux Takes on Dangerous Dogs

Following a spate of horrific and ultimately fatal dog attacks, ITV’s much tweeted about ‘Dangerous Dogs’ last week proved an insightful, if distressing, watch. BBC2 were hot on their heels with last night’s ‘LA Stories: City of Dogs‘, the first in a new series from the ever likeable Louis Theroux. 635 more words