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What I'm Reading

I’m currently about half way through this collection of short stories compiled by George R.R. Martin (author of Game of Thrones) and Gardner Dozois. The book is called Dangerous Women and is full of stories featuring women who kill, steal and hurt. 264 more words

An Exciting Weekend With Dangerous Women

My idea of a good time is soaring through the air with night witches, galloping through the Old West with outlaws, tailing dangerous dames… 524 more words

Dangerous Women

I belatedly (but still in the timeframe!) give you Martin Monday.

Today I finally got my hands on the Dangerous Women anthology of short stories, edited by the GRRM Reaper and Gardner Dozois. 318 more words

Researching My First "Dangerous Women" Portrait - Sarah Aaronsohn

As I’m still compiling my list of fascinating women, I decided to just start with the first one alphabetically, and that is Sarah Aaronsohn.

Sarah Aaronsohn was a spy during World War I, part of a spy ring called the Nili. 458 more words