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I Am The 14% - Black People in America: Why We Will Never Overcome

Remember the following fact the next time a Black woman or man is unjustly killed or why it is so hard for us to overcome the effects of racism in this country. 70 more words


To the people who don't find black women/men attractive, why? - GirlsAskGuys.com

Question: To the people who don’t find black women/men attractive, why?

Black people seem to be the least liked by a lot of people on GAG, and I really don’t understand why.. 20 more words

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Welfare Wishes and Watermelon Dreams: Being Poor Isn't A Crime


adjective, poorer, poorest.


having little or no money, goods, or other means of support:

a poor family living on welfare.


Law. dependent upon charity or public support. 574 more words

Dangerous Words


If they (the police) gunned me down would they use this picture of me on the set of a film to show what type of a person I was? 27 more words

Dangerous Words

Women: Can't Kill 'Em, Can't Be Friends With 'Em

Before I get started on my rant just let me say that I have less than a handful of people that I consider true friends in the first place (male and female) and I have become quite comfortable as a homebody and I have no problem being alone. 457 more words


Why It Makes Perfect Sense To Want A Man With Money

I’m broke. Poor to be exact. I make less than $10,000 a year. A lot less actually. And, I have bad credit. Why would I want a man that is doing just as bad as I am or slightly better with no current plans or hopes of things looking up? 624 more words

Dangerous Words