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I Told Him I Loved Him and You'll Never Believe What He Said


Him: Well…how do you know that?

Me: That’s an odd response coming from you. I never stopped loving you.

Him: That was hella random.

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I'm 83% African, 16% European and 1% West Asian

Thanks to Ancestry DNA I now know my full ethnic background. It’s very fascinating, humbling and empowering to learn where my ancestors come from. I can’t wait to further explore all the places that make me who I am by conducting research, trying local recipes, meeting new family members and hopefully one day visiting each place in person. 353 more words

Dangerous Words

Take it Down a Few Levels - April is Stress Awareness Month!

The Dangerous Lee Network has lots of great content to help you manage your stress levels in creative ways as well as information to let you know when you’re at your breaking point. 30 more words

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Real Men Wear Skirts!

Omar Epps and Mos Def are just two of the countless Black men that are getting flack recently for wearing skirts. People automatically throw out the gay accusation or rant that the Black man is getting more and more feminine. 216 more words

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Love Poetry? We've Got Lots of It!

April is National Poetry Month. Check out featured poems by myself and others in the National Poetry Month section.

Enjoy and please leave comments and feedback!

Dangerous Words

Daily Inspiration 3/19

“Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use.” – Wendell Johnson

Even though this quote uses always and never twice, it is true that you shouldn’t use those words.

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