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Chernobyl Leaf Litter does not Decay

There was a recent post in the Smithsonian about the long term effects on the environment around Chernobyl.

According to a new study published in… 347 more words


My thoughts on Korea's public safety flaws


“Korea may be advanced in manufacturing ships, mobile phones and cars, but it remains in the dark ages where public safety is concerned. “ 824 more words


Online Dating

Dating sites are also a huge part of the social media world. There are so many to choose from and many people who partake in the sites. 196 more words

How safe are your children?

How safe are your children? 


In the rapidly evolving abyss of information we call the Internet, where information is seemingly at our finger tips, are our children exposed to dangers that can cause serious harm to them now and in the future.  619 more words

Commercial Cleaners Raleigh NC

Dangers of Dust in the WorkplaceThe workplace can be one of the safest places…

The Dangers of High Energy Drinks

The Monkey s Paw legend tells of a talisman, in the form of monkey s hand, that provides the possessor with three wishes. The wishes however come with a viscous price, such as wishing for a lot of money, and it comes in the form of insurance payment after the death of a loved one. 132 more words