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Laser Back Surgery-Learn About The Dangers, Watch The Video That Tells All

Learn more about laser back surgery by watching this video that outlines some of the risks and dangers of having it done. Spinal column or back is an excepti… 8 more words

A Danger of the Internet No One Thinks About

I’m a 90’s kid, I came of age as the internet was revving into existence and by the time I was in high school the internet had been a “thing” long enough for me to take it for granted, though I wasn’t yet wise enough to see what a game changer it really was. 3,542 more words

The dangers of purchasing black market hair extensions

By Rebecca Spera



Smash and grabs at beauty supply stores are on the rise in Houston because of one hot commodity – human hair. 427 more words


Harvey Wasserman reported on the similarities between the Lucky Dragon and the USS Ronald Reagan recently in a blog.  The Lucky Dragon was a Japanese fishing boat that was down wind from a nuclear bomb test.   22 more words

Fukushima Disaster

Tepco fails to create ice wall to stem radioactive water flow -- The Yomiuri Shimbun

” Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Tuesday it had failed in an attempt to create an ice wall in an underground tunnel to block the flow of highly radioactive water from a damaged reactor at the Fukushima No. 186 more words

Fukushima Daiichi

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One idea by TEPCO was to create an ice wall to prevent the flow of water. This blog indicates that the efforts were unsuccessful. This is another idea which was done just to do something, without evidence that it might work. It has not worked.

USA Nuclear Regulatory Commission the victim of cyber attacks

U.S. government’s nuclear watchdog victim of cyber attacks -report, Yahoo7 News 
August 20, 2014, By Jim Finkle BOSTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission was “successfully hacked” three times in recent years in attacks involving tainted emails, according to an internal investigation on cyber attacks at the agency, Nextgov.com reported on Tuesday. 112 more words


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This article and it's link shows that there have been successful hackings into nuclear reactors in the last several years. Although no damage was reported, there is the possibility that future hacks May be more damaging.

Dangers to Gobble Dongers

Gobble dongers have lots of predators.

Hawks and other birds of prey will swoop down and take away babies.

Tigers are another problem as they hunt gobble dongers. 152 more words