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Worldbuilding in a Nutshell: Martin & Dozois's Rogues Anthology

Sipani, and most especially its moist and fragrant Old Quarter, was full of thieves. They were a constant annoyance, like midges in summer. Also muggers, robbers, burglars, cutpurses, cutthroats, thugs, murderers, strong-arm men, spivs, swindlers, gamblers, bookies, moneylenders, rakes, beggars, tricksters, pimps, pawnshop owners, crooked merchants, not to mention accountants and lawyers. 1,148 more words


Hunter's Run: o 'How to be a tough sonofabitch'

Ramón Espejo es un tipo duro, sin rodeos, que viaja por São Paulo buscando minerales como buen prospecto. Tiene una mujer que lo aloja y lo tolera (y vice versa), un par de conocidos con quienes hace tratos y un asesinato a un diplomático debido a una mujer a cuestas. 585 more words