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How To Calibrate Goals and Explore Obstacles to Increase Motivation

Early this year I wrote about how goals should provide (not require) motivation.

Setting the right kind of goal is tremendously important. A good goal is: 955 more words



Some of the most frustrating things that doctors encounter in their work are preventable diseases caused at least in part by behavior.  I am talking about things like type II diabetes or insulin resistance because of obesity, emphysema or other lung conditions because of smoking, liver cirrhosis because of excessive drinking, etc.  568 more words


How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

In case you have forgotten, dear reader, I used to be a violinist.  My oldest daughter has recently started piano lessons, and this has made me think back to my own musical training as I attempt to create in her the same love of music that I have.  539 more words

Medical Education

Life Changing Book List

Suggestions for business books originate from a variety of people and resources. Choosing “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle was based on a list of… 591 more words


Should we forgive?

Throughout my life, I have enjoyed playing and watching sport, always hoping that the competition is on  a ‘level playing field’. In recent times in injection of sponsorship money and betting has resulted in some participants not playing’by the rules’ and doing everything within their powers to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents. 320 more words

Why Valedictorian is Just a Title

Valedictorian is a title granted towards those who have had straight A’s throughout high school and have the highest GPA in the school. It’s a title that is meant to be prestigious. 820 more words