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"Roosevelts" . . .

We happened to watch the opening two-hour film, “The Roosevelts” by Ken Burns on PBS last Sunday night. We were surprised to see the second two-hour segment last night. 730 more words

Life & Spirit

Season 3, Episode 1

This is my 45th blog post! If this blog was a TV series, and I’m not saying it’s not, then we would be near the end of the second season or the start of the third. 451 more words

I'm Faster Than Any Therapist, So No, I Haven't Gotten Any Counseling

And All This Time You Thought Politics Were Boring...

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life! The moment when I prove to you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that politics are (drum roll, please) 153 more words

A Most Wanted Man (2014)

There’s no doubt that the late Philip Seymour Hoffman was one of the most gifted American actors of our generation. The Oscar winner for Capote… 543 more words


There Will Be Blood (2007)

By Mike Biondo

Photo: Dan

Actions speak louder than words in There Will Be Blood (2007), written by Paul Thomas Anderson. Daniel Plainview (played by… 1,501 more words