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My Favorite Scene #6: "The Last of the Mohicans" (Promentory)

Here it is, this, my favorite film of all time, and this, the last almost ten minutes, where the editing, the phenomenal performances (has any actor ever said more with a head tilt and a hand gesture?) and the fantastic musical score, the romance, the brilliant cinematography, two of the main characters die in the first 5 minutes of this sequence, the vistas, the interplay between the dark and the light, the good and the bad, the freedom to make your own decisions when faced with your own death, it’s all here, all we’ve built towards the entire movie, all we’ve come to understand of these characters we love, it’s all here, in the final ten minutes, all of it-one of the best-staged, most well-shot, best played end fight scenes between the main baddie and one of the good guys, it’s all that’s good about what American film can be, and if this were a short film, it would stand alone as a fantastic bit of historical adventure, and in a movie with so many great set-pieces, there’s nothing quite better than Daniel-Day Lewis holding two rifles as he runs and kills two men at once with the notoriously inaccurate flintlock. 94 more words

A Hole in the Ground

How is it that a person who a little more than a year ago was holding a LEGO in his hands…

…is now the lead in a history play which is a veiled reference to the hysteria in America during the 50s? 151 more words

Richard Armitage

Queen Elizabeth II Hosts Irish President for Dinner

Queen Elizabeth II invited Irish President Michael D. Higgins to Britain for Ireland’s first state visit since it became independent.

Stirring much controversy, the former Irish Republican Army commander Martin McGuinness was also invited to the 160-person dinner at Windsor Castle yesterday as was Judi Dench and Daniel Day-Lewis.

[NBC News]

Queen Elizabeth II

There Will Be Blood

Much can be said or written, and probably has, about the subtle symbolism of Paul Thomas Anderson’s epic. The unparalleled might of Daniel Day-Lewis in the lead can be said, and probably has, to be one of the greatest portrayals in film history. 650 more words

FilmHaven Reviews

There Will Be Blood: A Drunken Review

Disclaimer: All kinds of spoiler alerts. I should also clarify it was meant to be a review but really turned into something along the lines of a questionable and scattered summary. 270 more words

Pseudo Reviews

The Age of Innocence

Age of Innocence, The (1993)
★★★★ / ★★★★

Newland Archer (Daniel Day-Lewis) is engaged to May Welland (Winona Ryder), but their wedding date is not yet picked out. 525 more words

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