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What sacrifice means...

Thanks to Andrew Stuttaford at The Corner for pointing out this  poignant piece   by Daniel Hannan on the meaning of sacrifice,  and the dangers of our losing our grasp of what the word truly means.   19 more words

E-books: does @page99 approach still work?

I have borrowed several e-books from the local library. It just occurred to me that @Page99 here depends on reader choices. It is thus dependent on such vagaries as: 337 more words


Eamonn Butler - what a pity!

On 13 February, 2014, the Oxford Union held a debate on the motion, This House Believes Thatcher Saved Britain. Speaking for the motion was… 444 more words

Speech Critique

The margin of Nigel Farage's win was game-changing

The best analysis in my opinion of yesterday’s debate:


I once had a brief chat with Hannan on a train on the way back from a debate in which he was participating a few years ago.   17 more words


'This is true of Obamacare, too': Dana Perino relates to what Daniel Hannan's 'sick of hearing'

Conservative Party member of the European Parliament, Daniel Hannan, is tired of the “what would you replace it with” question as it pertains to the EU, and Dana Perino (and many other Americans) can relate: 14 more words

US Politics

CPAC: Great Britain's Daniel Hannan Warns Americans Of The Dangers Of Big Government

“If you vote for candidates who promise to give you somebody else’s money, don’t complain when those candidates give your money to someone else” 

I have followed – and have been tremendously impressed by — Daniel Hannan for several years. 102 more words


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Oliver North

CPAC 2014 – LtCol Oliver North

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Rick Santorum

CPAC 2014 -Rick Santorum… 1,095 more words

Mark Levin