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Life on Hannan World (Part 13)

I can barely believe it. A little over 24 hours after I wrote the last “Life on Hannan World” blog, up pops Dissembling Dan with another. 1,107 more words


Life on Hannan World (Part 12)

Self-styled Whig (how’s that for nostalgia?) and Tory MEP for the South-east, Daniel Hannan is no stranger to this blog. His obsession with the European Union, his slack thinking and his inclination to smear the Left have all been documented here. 2,298 more words


Britain's Daniel Hannan: 'How America's leaders have shrunk'

For someone watching the United States from across the Atlantic, British politician and author Daniel Hannan has a unique perspective on American politics. Unfortunately, that perspective makes our current politicians look awfully small. 124 more words

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'Socialism in one image': Daniel Hannan nails it [pics]

That is as accurate a description of progressive leftists as we’ve heard. The image tweeted by MEP Daniel Hannan is pretty much a bullseye as well. 56 more words

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The Clapham Sect and the language of race: some thoughts

The Daily Telegraph of 2 June 2014 has a timely article by the conservative journalist and politician, Daniel Hannan, which argues that racial insults are unacceptable, not because of the dictates of political correctness but because of simple good manners and respect for fellow human beings. 666 more words

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