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Daniel Hannan and the emotional case for the Union

It seems to be an accepted conventional wisdom among politicians that, as Bill Clinton said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” It was the assumption of the most recent Republican presidential campaign in the United States and it continues to be the assumption of the parties in my country. 402 more words


The Day of Defection

Clacton MP Douglas Carswell has defected from the Conservatives to join the UK Independence Party (UKIP). The MP cited the party press releases on political reform not metamorphosing into policy, and the stagnant desires for improving the European Union (EU). 416 more words

National Politics

Rotherham abuse whistleblower reportedly 'booked on diversity course' after raising concerns

As Twitchy reported yesterday, more than 1,400 children were abused in the British town of Rotherham, with a 153-report noting that “the girl victims were white, and their abusers Pakistani.” 375 more words

International Events

MEP Daniel Hannan wants British ISIS fighters stripped of citizenship

Member of European Parliament from the U.K. Daniel Hannan floated an idea for how to deal with British citizens who leave to fight for the Islamic State. 424 more words

US Politics

Life on Hannan World (Part 14)

A week or so ago, I was reading a comments thread on Facebook that someone had started in response to a statement that Daniel Hannan had made on a subject on which he knows little (let me tell you, there are many of them). 1,166 more words


Daniel Hannan, UKIP and handguns

Daniel Hannan is a Tory MEP probably best known to most people in the UK for his extreme right wing views that even make some Tories uncomfortable and of course, his comments on the NHS on Fox News which got him a… 730 more words


Professional acting is not for adults

Sir Alec Guinness, so the story goes, had just delivered a talk to a school when a boy rushed up to him. “Sir, sir,” said the boy eagerly, “I want to be an actor when I grow up.” The Great Man looked at him a little pityingly.   509 more words

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