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Daniel Hannan: Free markets can help bring peace to MidEast

Daniel Hannan: Free markets can help bring peace to MidEast


“Imagine a property based free market in Gaza…maybe if that option were on the table and they were in an open economy might open a drive through Halal take-away; what the world is doing there has led to a bad case; imagine a propertied bourgeoisie, and imagine they had a stake in their property and wanted to stay on good terms with customers; and wanted to stay on track with trade with Israel, trade isn’t a magic wand that abolishes animosities, but it allows people to live with them, Milton Friedman said that markets bring people who don’t like eachother into contact.” 1,421 more words

Daniel Hannan in defence of consumerism

Wealth is not an alternative to the good things in life; it’s their enabler. The best way to think of economic growth is as a series of time-saving advances.

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Ongoing consent: not one of the laws of war

Daniel Hannan is a statesman and author whose speeches and writings I enjoy, and I recommend his latest book, Inventing Freedom, to anyone with a taste for liberty. 1,005 more words

Hannan's Inventing Freedom

There tends to be a certain drive in cultural criticisms to avoid, reject, or dismiss the societal predisposition towards political correctness. Such tendencies typically devolve into pointless accusations of racism, sexism, homophobia, or general bigotry. 1,479 more words


National Socialism (Fascism) "Based On Marx"

by Al Benson Jr.

A few weeks back I did an article dealing with the fact that fascism is not “right wing” as we have been informed that it is. 630 more words

Telegraph Blogs Is No More

Telegraph blogs has been quiet for the last month or so and the silence has been eerie. For the last few weeks, the only blogs on the site were written by Dan Hannan, Judith Potts and… 296 more words