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The final performance of "Proof"

Last night was our final performance of, “Proof”. Well, not exactly the final, because months from now, a Tampa Bay resident wants us to perform it at the grand opening of his 8,000 square foot house. 80 more words

Time on Screen: The Wheel and Early Cinema

Time on Screen: The Wheel and Early Cinema

DANIEL HAYES • October 8th 2014

Our inherited portrait of the silent era filmgoer is a caricature of rustic gullibility: he or she flees in terror from oncoming trains, ducks under the seats during gun fights, hollers instructions at the actors in impending peril. 2,050 more words

Issue 5

The Gypsy cast of "Proof"

I love performing in theater!!! Following my heart’s true desire has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I am so glad I am a member of Gypsy Stage Repertory. 242 more words

Skyla Luckey

Addendum to Enthusiasms

Some quick thoughts on yesterday’s posting, especially the way I ended it. I question whether I was actually addressing the spirit of the challenge that John presented in his previous blog. 840 more words

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(1) I continue to think about a distinction between political rhetoric and political analysis. I don’t mean “rhetoric” in any derogatory way; I’m assuming that everyone, out of political necessity, expresses themselves rhetorically—and part of that involves making compromises, signing up for legislation that isn’t perfect, and otherwise expressing yourself in ways available to citizens (voting being the most obvious way). 1,223 more words

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