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Aspire to Difference!

I think John’s ideas, and his questions to me, center on a distinction between description and aspiration. John begins with that distinction, and I think it’s a way of keeping two things separate. 650 more words

Daniel Hayes

Liberalism: Bait and Switch?

I think Wendy Brown (in “Subjects of Tolerance: Why We Are Civilized and They Are the Barbarians”) is saying that liberalism is not a good idea. 1,081 more words

Daniel Hayes

The Perils of Clear Sailing


For all of our discussion of secularism, a couple of months ago, there was very little mention of humanism. Yes, it got mentioned a couple of times in passing, but I felt a bit shy myself about using the word—mostly because I wasn’t sure what it might indicate, how it might fit into our discussion. 1,574 more words

Daniel Hayes

A game-changing deal in St. Louis: Breathing new life into former Chrysler plants

by Dan Rafter

A former Chrysler plant in Fenton, Mo., will soon boast new warehouses, offices and distribution centers, thanks to the efforts of KP Development and NAI DESCO. 651 more words

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The final performance of "Proof"

Last night was our final performance of, “Proof”. Well, not exactly the final, because months from now, a Tampa Bay resident wants us to perform it at the grand opening of his 8,000 square foot house. 80 more words

Time on Screen: The Wheel and Early Cinema

Time on Screen: The Wheel and Early Cinema

DANIEL HAYES • October 8th 2014

Our inherited portrait of the silent era filmgoer is a caricature of rustic gullibility: he or she flees in terror from oncoming trains, ducks under the seats during gun fights, hollers instructions at the actors in impending peril. 2,050 more words

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The Gypsy cast of "Proof"

I love performing in theater!!! Following my heart’s true desire has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I am so glad I am a member of Gypsy Stage Repertory. 242 more words

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