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Timelines and the Planning Fallacy

We frequently plot our goals onto timelines. But, in doing so, we often succumb to the planning fallacy.

In the book Thinking Fast and Slow, 121 more words

Humans are Highly Rational – Really?

Last week, I proposed that it is fallacious to believe that we can manage change by design and control, coupled with the belief that humans are perfectly rational at all times. 679 more words


Video: Sarah Miller McCune and Daniel Kahneman Discuss Social and Behavioral Sciences

Are social and behavioral sciences receiving the respect they deserve in the US today? SAGE Founder and executive chairman Sara Miller McCune and Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman sat down to discuss this as well as the importance of interdisciplinary work in the sciences, how social science can enrich the development of public and social policy in the economic and political turmoil in world today, and the possibility of behavioral sciences in the White House. 69 more words


Experience is Everything

The term Experience Economy was first described in an article published in 1998 by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore, entitled “Welcome to the Experience Economy” . 722 more words


The Entourage theory of financial management

Am I the only one that misses Entourage? The former HBO series, which closed shop a few years ago after eight seasons, was my escape from the drudgery and boredom of responsible living. 1,268 more words


How do we deal with change?

The next few posts are loosely connected under the theme of ‘rationality’. They explore rationality from different perspectives.

Change is not an easy thing to manage. 877 more words


Thinking, Fast and Slow - book review

Wow. I mean, just wow.

I love non-fiction. I am interested in a lot of things, so I can find something to like in pretty much any non-fiction book, as long as I learn something from it. 1,418 more words