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How the ecommerce experience has more in common with a colonoscopy than you think

Nobel Prize winner, Daniel Kahneman, one of the pioneers of Behavioural Economics, ran a series of experiments in the 90s which formulated the idea of how we arrive at the thought of happiness through both experience and memory. 28 more words


Book #68: Class Preparation

I began reading Daniel Kahneman’s “Thinking, Fast and Slow” because I hoped a chapter or two would be useful in my College Writing Seminar (CWS) course.  298 more words

Book Reviews

Book Review (1/2): Radin, Psi and Scepticism

Bahá’u’lláh emphasizes the fundamental obligation of human beings to acquire knowledge with their “own eyes and not through the eyes of others.” . . . .

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Up and Running

Well more a steady walk to be honest at my age.

I have for a year been writing about the delights of living in Puglia in Southern Italy at… 813 more words


The instagram Generation

“The ‘instagram Generation’ now experiences the present as an anticipated memory” – professor Daniel Kahneman (psychologist and Prize winner)

but is this really a problem? you find out in this video!

"I will", said the Turkey.

I am indebted to Nassim Nicholas Taleb for the turkey analogy. Taleb borrowed it from the philosopher Bertrand Russel and used it in his provocative book… 1,611 more words

True Christianity

Why do people send their kids to school? (Part 1)

Why do people send their kids to school? That might sound like a stupid question to you. Or you might think that I am not serious when I am posing this question. 1,130 more words