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Amos Tversky: In Memoriam, Part 2

Neo-classical (mainstream) economic theory operates under the assumption that human beings are rationally self-interested optimizers. Rational here, in its most modest form, denotes that people consistently apply an appropriate (i.e., reasonably well-suited) set of means toward the achievement of their goals. 669 more words

Book Reviews And Quotes

How to use data to scare people ...

… and how to use data for analytics.

Crisis hit GP surgeries forced to turn away millions of patients

That was the headline on the Royal College of General Practitioners (“RCGP” – UK family physicians) website today. 682 more words

Operational Excellence

Our Hidden Self

Are we consciously aware of why we make the decisions we make?


You’re sitting in the doctors office wondering which will take longer – the wait or the actual appointment – when a new patient walks in and drops their planner right in front of you, scattering numerous papers across the floor. 761 more words


What makes you unhappy?

Love People, Not Pleasure

ABD AL-RAHMAN III was an emir and caliph of Córdoba in 10th-century Spain. He was an absolute ruler who lived in complete luxury. 133 more words

Behavioral Economics

Do What You Want To

Note: This post is atypically long. I personally think that what I have to say should be of paramount interest to everyone, but if you’re feeling a TL;DR1 moment coming on, just do yourself a favor and watch the… 1,151 more words

What time does the sun set?

I was upset with myself for paying attention to the exact time of sunset only 30 days each year.

“Any aspect of life to which attention is directed will loom large in global evaluation. 39 more words