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The Fiction Fallacy: Part 2, What Now?

In the first part of my exploration of the Fiction Fallacy, I argued that we cannot derive knowledge of the external world from fictions whatsoever. Now, it may occur to you that this conclusion is trivial. 1,350 more words

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Losing Sucks, Use it to Your Advantage

I just read the New York Times Bestseller Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman which I would absolutely recommend to anyone that enjoys behavioral psychology or economics. 1,126 more words


Economics and the meaning of Truth

A central debate in philosophy is the question: “What is Truth”? How you answer that question usually puts you into either of two camps. One camp, called the correspondence theory of truth, maintains that something is true only insofar as it accurately describes the world. 285 more words


I bet you're not as smart as you think you are

So you think you’re smart.  You make logical well balanced decisions, and don’t let your intuition get in the way of logic.  That’s you: business minded, professional you might say. 675 more words

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The Paradox of Choice

More is better, right? Not really. Barry Schwartz has written an entire book on the subject, entitled The Paradox of Choice: Why more is less… 1,419 more words


Are biases good errors?

The benefits of cognitive limits

Cleaning up some notes recently, I was reminded of another interesting piece from Gerd Gigerenzer’s Rationality for Mortals : “Is perfect memory desirable, without error? 150 more words

Behavioral Economics

"I knew it all along"

Did you know that –

  • Terror attack on Charlie Hebdo was imminent?
  • Google Glass was destined to be a failure given the privacy concerns and high price?
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