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On choosing roles: “All of the projects I get involved in begin with a fascination with the story. I can’t work within the mindset of ‘Will this script get me further away from Harry Potter?’ or ‘Will this play make people see me differently?’ because I don’t have any control over any of that. 171 more words


Review: What If

How many guys (or girls) have faced the dilemma posed as the central conceit of What If: Can a guy and a girl just be friends without feelings/relationship/desire/sex getting in the way? 684 more words


'What If' review

From director Michael Dowse, comes a rom-com based upon a play entitled ‘Toothpaste and Cigars’. The film is tells the whimsical and light hearted tale of loner and med school drop out Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe). 457 more words

Daniel Radcliffe

'What If' Movie Review

Earlier the week, we had the privilege of attending a screening of What If. This movie is the perfect mixture of comedy, drama, and romance. 241 more words

"What if" Movie Talk/Review (Some spoilers)

I wanted to see this movie the minute I saw the preview. While the concept was promising, I was incredibly pumped about the casting. I really love Daniel Radcliffe (I’m a profound Harry Potter nerd). 828 more words

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A Young Doctors Notebook

Daniel Radcliffe is easily one of my favorite celebrities to date. What is not to like about the guy? Besides playing one of my favorite fictional characters of all time, Daniel has managed to be an exemplary child actor. 357 more words


Teaser Woman In Black 2, sem Daniel Radcliffe mas com Jeremy Irvine

Eu morro de medo de filme de terror, mas eu vejo o teaser só porque sou curioso, e fico com cagaço. 171 more words

Angel Of Death