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i dreamt of day today (Sonnet)

dear whiskey, wafting burn, my seraphim
piss: speak, and boil nerve, i am much too ripe
for tip-toe speech that shan’t describe my dream,
for I cannot inhale a vacant pipe. 81 more words

Daniel Ray Thomason

i the crow hear me croon (Sonnet-esque)

what crisp elixir here exudes the crow
in i, that i, in kind scowl, seize the daze
of nightfall’s tired glow with flashlight mind:
that caws is i, in i, with mind, to croon? 80 more words

Daniel Ray Thomason

On a Flight of Chickadees (Sonnet)

The chickadees in flight: my lees of air,
Bronze feathered mice of mid-September trees;
You rummaged meadows for the last straw hair
Then fled! Born back beyond the winter’s freeze. 81 more words

Daniel Ray Thomason

a moth and a cosmo (stream-of-consciousness)

i criss-cross idea: juxtapose all
and project who i want into what
i deem irregular: like a sonata white
cosmo by a fluttering moth, neither touching… 137 more words
Daniel Ray Thomason

songs revisited in the stale afternoon.

the sun delves
into the droning eye,
day after day,
the furnace that
is drowned by
the moon,
as liveliness
sits still,
in the shadows… 87 more words

Daniel Ray Thomason

the dollar : grain of sand
along the oil shoreline
where birds bathe in
industrial energy, the
charred souls of this
world’s many imaginings.

Daniel Ray Thomason