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The secret of our success is simple. We’re crazy

Each day that passes on this third rock from an average star in the boondocks of a commonplace galaxy brings fresh evidence of the truth about our circumstances as, very likely, the only sentient creatures in this region of the universe. 708 more words


Daniel Smith - April 20, 2014 at 09:54PM

My first post in an absolute age. Liking this for a chill spring evening.
by Daniel Smith
from F***ING MTs http://ift.tt/1lrs50M


I is for Indanthrone: A-to-Z Challenge

I love new paint.  Daniel Smith’s Indanthrone Blue is a new color to my palette.  In past, I have loved Prussian, or Indigo, or Cobalt blue — But this may make me move away from The first two. 130 more words


H is for Hematite: A-to-Z Challenge

I had long used Golden Acrylic’s Micaceous Iron Oxide, part of their Iridescent colors, straight out of the tub or in glazes, shown above.  It is this delicious heavy shimmering charcoal in  a pot.  222 more words



Most of us find shopping for spring clothes, shoes or accessories helps to breaks us out of the winter blues. I look forward to the major art supply companies sending out their spring discount flyer. 322 more words