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Redskins need to take a cue from EWU

By Galen Rock

If you walk into the Phase on campus, you will notice a lining of old, tattered grey bricks outlining the walkways and hallways. 1,241 more words


Ryan Murphy Casts Washington Redskins for 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'

Sometimes a creative mind that resembles a bottom and others a top, Ryan Murphy who happens to be one of the men behind the popular television show ‘American Horror Story’ has announced the cast for the upcoming season. 142 more words


The Battle of Washington

With special reporting by Emily Kaplan

SAN CARLOS, Ariz. — The dusty roads behind the San Carlos Apache tribal headquarters lead to a place where the debate surrounding the NFL team in the nation’s capital does not feel 2,000 miles away. 5,181 more words

Roger Goodell

What's in a Name?

By Rob Akers

A business is in the business of doing business,” said Richard Pryor in the 1982 movie Brewster’s Millions

The National Football League collects a reported one billion dollars a year in revenue.

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The Magill Review

Flashback Friday: The R Word

(It is the end of March and Opening Day is less than a month away and the days of the week have lost their meaning around here. 771 more words

Quill Gordon

Daniel Snyder, The NFL, And Bigotry: An Interesting Mix

It’s been at least 24 hours since Washington Redskin owner Daniel Snyder embarrassed himself with that completely self-serving and quite frankly insulting letter to fans of his beloved NFL franchise. 790 more words