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Back to school '14 UWC RBC

Today, September 1,2014 where all the pioneer students will create the history of the first generation  of UWC ROBERT  BOSCH COLLEGE. All  are excited  to see their rooms  and who will be their  block mates. 53 more words


another sunday - and another nice breakfast time

Sarah, Damian and the children joined us for breakfast today (Richard was already out on the snooker trail) – breakfast like this are one of the things that I enjoy most – Daniel is such good value and doubtless another few months will see Emma the same … she already follows Daniels earlier liking for ‘eating’ the cork drinks mats! 29 more words


The Old Testament in John 1:19-51

                  It is breathtaking to see all the things that God promised in the Old Testament come together in the gospel of John. Here are just a few that we see in John 1:19-51. 331 more words


You're on your own

“Even if these three men – Noah, Daniel, and Job – were in it, they could only save themselves by their righteousness, declares the Sovereign Lord.”  Ezekiel 14:14… 244 more words


Cooking time

After the long walk and hiking I checked my Facebook and glimpsed at my blog. Meanwhile the others are arriving to the campus with no energy. 103 more words


Pentru copii - Nou, de la Speranta !!! Un canal dedicat copiilor

Inscrieti-va la Canalul “Pentru Copii” – 

Doua cantari si desene animate de la canalul Pentru Copii:

Gospodarul din Ardeal – animat

Muzica: Gabriel Gorcea… 45 more words


Daniel 4-5 – “the Most High”

When Nebuchadnezzar had a dream about a great tree that was cut down, Daniel provided the interpretation.  He told the king that the tree was him and that he was going to be cut down and… 291 more words