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Book Quote | The Kiss by Danielle Steel

And I don’t believe in all that “opposites attract” crap anymore, not at our age. At this point of life, we both need people who want the same things we do. – Bill Robinson



The Friday Four: Embedded Links

1. I’m sure you’ve already seen it or at least heard about it, but now I’m telling you: Weird Al’s “Word Crimes” is awesome and you should watch it. 134 more words


Winners by Danielle Steel - $2

This is a story if lives that interconnect after an aspiring Olympic Champion has a life-altering accident.

Condition: There are slights bends in the cover slip that goes over the hardback. 52 more words


Lafayette Park, San Francisco

My mom drove to San Francisco this morning for brunch and to explore the city with me.  After hitting up Park Tavern (1652 Stockton Street), we set off to walk around… 188 more words


There is hope for our country

On the USAir shuttle today, a girl of about 15 was seated across the aisle from her mom.  The girl had a Danielle Steel novel. 47 more words


                              Once in a Lifetime

                           It only happens once,

                              not twice,

                                  the moments


                                          like mice,

                            scurrying past,

                                   life much

                                      too fast,

                             and only for

                                    the very brave, 85 more words

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