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D-Tales: The Painted Girls by Cathy Marie Buchanan

It was said in 1878 that certain physiological traits defined a criminal – “a forward thrust of the lower face, broad cheekbones, low forehead, and dark, abundant hair.” By that logic, Marie van Goethem was doomed from birth. 337 more words


Experts Talk: Danielle Smith, 330 Media

We continue our series “Experts Talk” with a conversation between speaker, author, and digital storyteller Danielle Smith and Bookgirl founder Aliza Sherman. Danielle is Aliza’s co-author on two books: … 957 more words


Weekend Writing Warriors – Magic Milkshakes 4

Welcome friends, followers, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

I’m continuing on with another snippet from a short story draft I wrote back in June, mostly after I got back from the Young Gunns workshop in Kansas. 119 more words

Exercises And Excerpts

Danielle & Scott: The Bridesmaids

Hello friends! So here we are, one month closer…time is flying and writing it all down here is not slowing it down in the slightest! Today I am beyond excited to talk to you about my lovely bridesmaids dresses, and my even lovelier bridesmaids. 16 more words

Women Ideas

Danielle- Aqua Penny

I am so far behind it isn’t funny, so I will try to catch up a little.  This pretty little sundress from Danielle is one of the many exclusive items available at the 24 squared event.  70 more words

The Mysterious Stranger Named Danielle

She gets out of the car, slams the door – flipping off the driver who must be some boyfriend? Now ex? Her brother? Whoever he is – now driving off, me noticing while drinking a cup of coffee inside the cafe bar on the corner, watching her out the window. 597 more words



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