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Meet Danielle Freese

Hello! And welcome to my blog! I am new to all of this so bare with me as I get started. I am Danielle Freese, a REALTOR at StarPointe Realty in Killeen, TX. 313 more words

Farm And Ranch

Heritage Management

We are coming to the end of our second module of the postgraduate certificate course. The module is called Heritage Management and centralises around the issues facing future heritage leaders. 317 more words

Current Trainees

The Prince and Nymph (Happy 4)

This is a two voice poem about…well…Hamlet and Ophelia. It makes more sense if you’ve read the play. But hopefully you like it ^.^

To be, or not to be: 210 more words


The Bridge, River bed, and Fox Boy (Happy 3)

Rough Draft. Leave me comments

Noel took a deep breath of crisp air as her skateboard glided seamlessly across the pavement. It was such a beautiful day outside, which she found ironic compared to the problems at hand. 1,108 more words

Short Stories

I Failed.... ***DaniGee***

…and it’s okay. I survived it. I’m still living. I didn’t lose any limbs. I can still remember it. It was the semester before I graduated with my Masters. 364 more words


Kitties! (Happy Prompt 1)

Write a story about what you would do if you were turned into a fluffy kitten of utter adorable fluffiness.


Case Solution for Infusion's Greenfield Subsidiary in Poland

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Infusion’s Greenfield Subsidiary in Poland

Authors :           Christopher Williams, van Eerde Wendelie, Danielle The

Source :             Ivey Publishing… 285 more words