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A photo essay to say Happy Easter to you.....

Simple Decorations

Home made hot cross buns

Quiet Reflection

Friends and loved ones

Wishing you

a Happy Easter ……

Danish Living

Reviving the Art of Letter Writing.....

For the first time in nearly a week I have managed to escape the confines of my bed. It started with the flu and then just as I thought I was getting over the worst of it, I was struck by a stomach virus. 645 more words

Danish Living

Muffin Moster.....

Yesterday I went to visit my Danish bestie for a much needed catch up. She recently accused me of not baking as much as I used to, so before I went I made a batch of blueberry muffins. 590 more words

Danish Living

Tea for thought.....

In England if you need to solve a problem you start by putting the kettle on. A cuppa is halfway to solving the issue, most of the time anyway. 367 more words

Danish Living