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The Celtics and Rondo: Endless Waves of Speculation

At this point, it feels less like speculation and more like inevitability. The Boston Celtics are one of the NBA’s beloved franchises, with a devoted base of fans who are particularly active on the internet ( 799 more words


According to Jackie MacMullan, Rajon Rondo "Wants Out" of Boston And Trade "Will Happen"

As our own Jack Neill says, “A Rondo rumor a day keeps the doctor away”.

We’ve heard all kinds of Rondo rumors, from teams being interested, to trades being in place, to Rondo and Ainge just sitting it out.  392 more words


Rondo and Celtics Will Soon Divorce

Reports are coming out that Rajon Rondo doesn’t plan on resigning with the Celtics and plans to test the 2015 free agent market. There still is a sign that Rondo resigns with the Celtics even after he tests the market, but Rondo probably doesn’t want to be part of a team that’s rebuilding, he’ll more likely go to a team that is already contending or he makes an immediate contender. 241 more words


Phil Jackson showing he can do what Ainge can't

by James B. Terry

The Boston Celtics have a number of dead weight and bad contract players on their roster right now; Keith Bogans can be placed in both categories. 660 more words

Boston Celtics

Rajon Rondo-King of Trade Rumors

In the last five seasons, no one has been rumored in trades more than Rajon Rondo. This summer has been no different, especially with the Kevin Love sweepstakes going on in June and July. 478 more words


The Celtics' Rebuild

How long is too long for the Celtics rebuild?

Starting to think that the Celtics rebuild is taking too long or will take to long? Well it’s not. 706 more words


Get to Know the Boston Celtics

Get to Know the NBA-

Should You be a Fan? (Part 7 of 30)

By Jon Munitz

In today’s preview we are covering the most decorated of all NBA franchises; a team who has won 17 titles amongst its lengthy NBA reign. 3,089 more words