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PINEAPPLE EXPRESS (2008): A Definite Seth Rogen Win

This is definitely not a horror film, but who knew that Seth Rogen playing scared out of his mind could be so entertaining?

Coming from the same team that delivered comedy hits Superbad (2007), Knocked Up (2007) and most recently, This Is The End (2013); Pineapple Express is an action packed comedy bromance between two mid twenties, weed smoking males – played rather well by Seth Rogen and James Franco. 71 more words


This Dodge Dart/Craig Robinson commercial gives me a “Black Kenny Powers” feeling.  Just the little hint of pissyness towards the end reminds me of Danny Mcbride’s Kenny Powers character.   14 more words

This is the End (2013) Review

The best aspect of This is the End isn’t the actual story about the apocalypse at all – it’s all the celebrities playing completely against type and willing to make utter fools of themselves. 550 more words


Pineapple Express (2008)

Pineapple Express

★ ★ ★ out of 5

Directed by David Gordon Green

Starring Seth Rogen as Dale

James Franco as Saul

Imdb Link

Dale Denton and his drug dealer Saul end up on the run from a drug lord’s hitmen, after Dale accidentally witnesses a murder, and leaves a joint of special “Pineapple Express” marijuana on the scene. 313 more words


James Franco bringing his Pineapple Express co-stars to help adapt Faulkner

For your “huh?” moment of the week, we bring you the news that James Franco’s adaptation of The Sound and the Fury will co-star none other than Seth Rogen and Danny McBride… 228 more words


James Franco, Seth Rogen And Danny McBride Together Again Like You've Never Seen Them Before!

No, they’re not all getting together to make ‘This is the End 2′. Franco, Rogen and McBride are all teaming up to take on the dramatic work of William Faulkner in ‘The Sound and the Fury’. 121 more words