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'Community' Season 5 Finale Recap: "Basic Sandwich"

“You moved dirt around Greendale’s grave!” roars school board villain Carl (“That’s right, we’ve got names!”) at the conclusion of Community’s fifth season finale, “Basic Sandwich.” “Your school is still bankrupt! 732 more words


Community Season Five in review

A few months ago, I looked back at my feelings about Community before its fifth season began.  I discussed how intense my infatuation with the show was in the first couple of seasons, and how betrayed I felt when creator and showrunner Dan Harmon was fired before the fourth season, which I ultimately bailed on due to its awfulness.  991 more words


Community: "Basic Story" Review (Season 5 Episode 12)

“Basic Story”, the penultimate episode of Community‘s fifth (and, God willing, not last) season, has two contrasting roles to play: to close out what has been a consistent, if stunted (the 13-episode order didn’t help) season, and to create a satisfactory possible series finale. 1,044 more words


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

There are a number of things that make Captain America: The Winter Soldier not quite perfect. Natasha’s speech to the governmental enquiry at the end is a bit self-righteous and silly. 517 more words


Knights of Badassdom (2014)

I came across this movie by accident, while playing a game I often play when I’m bored – trawling IMDB. After watching a movie or an episode of a TV show I find myself thinking “Oh where did I see this actor before?” This usually results in a very long session of looking up who’s been in which movie – and often leads to me adding yet another item to my “to watch” list. 496 more words


Community TV Review: BASIC STORY

After a return to form following Community‘s subpar fourth season, the final two episodes of season five are upon us, beginning first with “Basic Story”, which is an episode that surprisingly had some nice callbacks to previous seasons while also being an effective lead-in for the season finale. 677 more words

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'Community' Season 5 Episode 12 Review: "Basic Story"

It’s not often that you get to see a major network television show arguing with itself. But that’s one of the surprises, and pleasures, of “Basic Story,” the first installment in… 589 more words