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The Danse Macabre Run

Oof today’s run was so gross and scary. I went running right before the storm started, which meant that I was sweating out of every pore of my body due to the humidity. 261 more words

Classical Music

Danse Macabre

Be you rich or poor,

purity personified or whore.

Whether you wear a pontiff’s hat,

Or your familiar be a wizened cat.

When the time comes, 59 more words

Where The Writing Is

Death and Extravagance: A Weird Tale of Grace and Serendipity

I had an extraordinary experience yesterday, and I don’t know any other way to make sense of it than to write it out and share it here with you. 505 more words

Some Musings

Danse Macabre; Lord of the Flies; The Nameless

This week’s entry covers my reading from late-October of 2013, and the reading was pretty well seasonal. We start off this week with Stephen King’s 1980 study of the horror genre, Danse Macabre and follow it up with a couple of books recommended by King in that text, including my first-ever reading of Lord of the Flies and concluding with a taut little piece of horror writing in Ramsey Campbell’s The Nameless. 1,949 more words

Nocturne no. 2

How sweet it is to deep into the night
   Let percolate your dreams in dripping beads
Of glowingly inebriate delight
   Distilled from gurgling rills of amber meads;
And then in threads of starlight finely spun——   
   All witched by frozen moonlight, pitched in black——
Suspend your limbs (made heavy by the run
   Of daily cares), and lay relaxed and slack
Till, saturate with drowsiness, and high
   Within a space of jewels and gems and jet,
You fall into the black hole's empty eye
   And all the world and all yourself forget. 15 more words
The Whole Ball Of Earwax