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Dante's New Restaurant Opens in Tremont

Late last week, my friends and I were enjoying a fabulous happy hour at Press Wine Bar in Tremont. The weather was a balmy 70 degrees and all was well in the world. 329 more words

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Canto 13, Paradiso - Slow to Judgment

I feel as if I should apologize for my navel gazing self loathing, but, with the injunction of the angel at the gate of Purgatory proper in mind, there’s no turning back, lest we find ourselves back where we began to do it all over again. 998 more words

P.S. Dante's salty bread

While a Kirkus Review item on Prue Shaw’s Dante book praises Shaw for showing us the genius of Dante’s work, there’s something else I’d like to mention — more of an aside than anything else — that is just as worthy as her assessment of that mighty poem. 237 more words


Santa Croce church holds a special place in our hearts, one reason being its sheer proximity- it is a 2 minute walk straight down our street towards the Arno. 96 more words

Fiesolana 18r

Who am I?

Q: I follow you around in the light, I say good bye to you in the night. Who am I?               A: Your Shadow! 

Don’t we look really really tall?


Canto 12, Paradiso - Naming

I have commented before on how the Paradiso tends to speak plainly–well, not plainly… I believe the American patois is “keepin’ it real,” which, though the phrase is typically used to justify  995 more words

#115: Terza Rima (A Complaint Ending In Banana)

I’m sorry about this one.  Written late in the day when the brain is mush, it’s a terza rima, a form invented or popularized by Dante and bastardized by the English:  3 line stanzas in iambic pentameter with a “chained” rhyme scheme that ends in a single line chained to the middle rhyme of the last stanza (ABA, BCB, CDC, D), and in this case, followed by a completely random and stupid second part (DDDDbanana). 97 more words