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Is this any way to start the day?

SHE and I were up very early this morning and being the wonderful two-legged that SHE is, SHE decided to take me for my short morning walk to the corner of our street and back. 88 more words


Entropy, a natural law, order turns into disorder, everything breaks down, dies, decays, no exceptions. It’s the great paradox, the wonder and complexity of a creation that is mysteriously disassembled; the miracle of life turns to death. 252 more words

Doomed to Purgatory

Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle’s main character found himself trapped in Purgatory, in their first novel of the series (Inferno). The main character, Allen Carpenter is an… 159 more words

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'Never Can Say Goodbye': New York City Is a Hell You Can Never Leave

Hell’s Kitchen. Hell Gate. Richard Hell. The signs (and wonders) are everywhere. Abandon all hope: New York City is a living Hell of renegade capital, exploited labor, racial hatred, institutional misogyny, and bodega cats. 1,217 more words


What are you going to do with him?

I suspect this question, or variations of it, is the one that I am most often asked about my horses in general but in buying a yearling, the question has really came to the fore. 853 more words

These legs were made for walking!

 I finally get the Vet’s o.k. to start going for walks for 15 minutes a day, a chance to strut my ‘hood, a chance to check out the Chiquitas and wouldn’t you know it: It rained and rained and rained and rained…and then when we thought it let up: it rained some more! 88 more words