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TBT: Throw Back Thursday

F is for FAMILY on this TBT…my Four-Legged Family!

My Daddy Dog Rocky, my beautiful sister Princess, my big brother Oliver and ME! This is from one of our Family Reunions! Bark Bark Bark…


Day 20

Day 20. 127 lines. Cumulative total: 1930.

I was genuinely excited about attending (I was going to say witnessing, but it feels more direct than that, particularly in this mode of copying, that slows the pace and makes the waiting sweeter) the rendezvous with Brunetto Latini today, although the typesetter messed up the immersion a bit with a series of what seem to be typos and missing letters (inteltecto, innazi, rispusio, agloriso, volglo). 87 more words


Canto 20, Paradiso - Exceptions

It occurs to me that I should clarify that the “soul” I referred to in the previous canto is actually an eagle, speaking with a “benedicted beak,” made up of all the individual souls of the just.   1,034 more words

The Remix: Michelangelo, Dante, and Dan Brown

Even though the poet Dante Alighieri lived and wrote at least a century before the time that most scholars would designate as the beginning of the Renaissance, it is easy today to look back at Dante’s… 298 more words


I'm not spoiled...I'm loved!

Yesterday was one of those great days…one of those days that surprises you. When SHE left for work yesterday morning I got my usual big hug and kiss and “see you later little guy”…so I thought it was going to be a regular kind of day…oh no! 139 more words

Dante Alighieri quotes

“Remember tonight… for it is the beginning of always.”

“Beauty awakens the soul to act.”

“The secret of getting things done is to act.”

“Follow your own star!” 29 more words

johnlink ranks L'INFERNO (DANTE'S INFERNO) (1911)

I didn’t start the month planning on discovering obscure silent era films based on literary masterpieces, but between this and the previously considered 1915 ALICE IN WONDERLAND… 723 more words

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