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Sprouting Diamine Oxidase

I discovered earlier this year that I have histamine intolerance, called HIT.  I’m not allergic to histamine, but I don’t have enough of the enzyme needed to break it down, so it builds up to toxic levels if’I’m not careful about what I eat.   337 more words


ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TAOISM (PRIVATE NOTES): Tiáoqì 調氣 regulating breath

There are two interesting quotations in the entry written by Catherine Despeux and I would like to put them as closer as possible:

(1) — “Tiaoqi usually refers to methods for regulating the outer breathing. 138 more words


Symphony for a Sea Bird

Water is for fish
And air is for men.
Natures differ, and needs with them.

Hence the wise men of old
Did not lay down…

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Tao Te Ching: An Introduction (14:03)

▶ Tao Te Ching – YouTube.

This is an introduction to the Tao te Ching. Throughout the journey of my own introspection no one piece of wisdom has been at my side more than the Tao te Ching, and it is an honor to present the Way in this light. 59 more words


Living Seed Dao

Blessing on this page!  Its new.

The plan?   Learning from seeds.


Isn't it amazing

Do you ever feel like it is almost as if reality was set up to look uncanny? As if what is seen as supernatural is only what we are deciding to not see? 115 more words

exchange of frustrations

Im sorry officer,

I wasnt thinking; I felt like speeding

The open road looked like freedom

what happens now, much more than a fine

Every turn takes a toll… 74 more words