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Traditional ways come to the city: in brief

Traditional culture goes by a lot of names these days. Every region has their own ancient practice. The Americas have their shamans connecting man to nature and the cosmos thru fire and smoke rituals, chanting, and vision questing. 656 more words



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  1. Žmogus, be abejo, tėra gyvulys, valdomas egoizmo, be jo nieko ir neturintis. Jo protas beveik visada yra nuslopintas egoizmo, ir kitaip nebus.
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  1. Žmogaus veikla – tai bandymas kažką pakeisti. Ar ne keista tai, kad tai, kas yra labai laikina, bando pakeisti tai, kas yra amžina?? Žmogus – tarsi bangelė baseine.
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Furtive Dao

A enthralling action-puzzle in Chinese style! Help the Red Panda to raise money for the shelter!
30 unique levels
6 levels of the saving… 7 more words

If you want to gain, you must first lose (short allegory #3)

За български тук.

If you want to shrink something,
you must first allow it to expand.
If you want to get rid of something,
you must first allow it to flourish.

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Qur'anic Dao-Like Wisdom

In the creation of the heaven and the earth,

In the cycle of night and day,

In ships that plough the sea, to mankind’s benefit, 192 more words


Give me the spurious ephedrine

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When it comes to sickness I am a coward. I find the suffering associated with illness intolerable, not because of the discomfort and pain alone, but because the discomfort and pain have no meaning. 826 more words