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November 1st

This month of the year we are centered in being Thankful. We are Thankful for the very gift of this life and all it has for us. 278 more words

Daily IN-spiration

Dragon Age: Origins

For the past few weeks I’ve been playing Dragon Age: Origins. Which is amazing! I’ve not been this obsessed about a game in a very long time. 180 more words


ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TAOISM (private notes from private life): Wàidān 外丹 external elixir, external alchemy

“The term waidan conventionally denotes a broad and diverse range of doctrines and practices focused on the compounding of elixirs whose ingredients are minerals, metals, and—less frequently—plants. 137 more words


The Dao of our marriage

Forty-six years, and counting. That’s how long my hubs and I have been married. After posting this nice fact on social media, one of my long-time pals wrote, “Write a manual.” That got me thinking – a Halloween-scary state for me ☺ – and I decided to write this week’s essay on the way (Dao) of our marriage, not as a manual for others, because each marriage is unique, but as a way to see our relationship from a clearer perspective. 420 more words

Soul Play