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Angela Du Maurier

It is a common misconception that all three of the Du Maurier girls; Angela, Daphne and Jeanne, should have been boys. While it is true that Daphne hankered after her make-believe persona Eric Avon ‘the boy in the box’, and Jeanne had the ‘sturdiness’ of the boy-child she should have been, Angela was happy to be a girl. 924 more words

Film Review: Rebecca | Becoming a Ghost


For most people who start getting into film and trying to study it extensively, one of the first directors they tend get attached to is Alfred Hitchcock. 897 more words

Quail Bell


“Last night I dreamed I went to Manderley again”

From that famous opening line, up to the abrupt but climactic finish, I was hooked on this book. 902 more words

‘Strangers on a Train’: The Hitchcock/Highsmith Smack-Down!

*Please note: spoilers below*

Before I begin, I should point out that I’m not the sort of person who usually succumbs to apoplectic rage over the perceived imperfections of a film adaptation of a book. 1,866 more words


Week 54: Hotel Books

One of the many joys of living where you want to be is that the ghastly business of going somewhere else can be largely avoided. Occasionally, however, even we need to be somewhere else, and have to find somewhere to lay our weary heads for a night or two. 1,031 more words

There's a Light Burning in the Fireplace*

If you’ve ever been on a road trip, you may know this feeling. You’ve been driving for a while, and decide to stop somewhere for the night and start looking for a place to stay. 1,284 more words

Agatha Christie

Idea: du Maurier December

As most of you know, I absolutely adore Daphne du Maurier and think her books are, on the whole, wonderful.  There are a lot of them which I’ve not yet read, however, and I was thinking of creating a new little project around her work. 157 more words