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Tips For Anybody With Too Many Clothes

The bar in my closet is on the verge of collapsing due to the amount of clothing that I have. I can barley add a new piece of clothing in my closet without out sacrificing whatever else I have in my closet. 468 more words


Dappered Man Artwork

Acrylic and Oil based painting by Samara Shuter

Photo Cred: samshuter instagram page

Shades of Blue painting fall with colours of spring

Because of the past few year’s recession, we had suffer greatly and in New York City specially in Wall Street. even before the recession I see those stock brockers, investment bankers, and corporate smart guys wearing and swaging those dapper two piece suits, double breasted blazer, white collared sky blue shirts with an aura of slick and hi-end lifestyle, its like watching Madmen live hahaha and then I told my self ..Wow..I wanna be just like them. 378 more words


Look of the (Work) Day

Just to share yesterday’s work outfit…custom Indochino suit, Banana Republic french cuff shirt, tie courtesy of eBay and REAL braces, not the clip-ons, courtesy of my work, Brooks Brothers Factory Store. 11 more words


8 Little Touches to Achieve a Higher State of Dapperness (Pt2)

Thanks for coming back for the last part of our guide to those little touches which can totally elevate your look. In part one we talked about… 612 more words

For Him

Unassuming Class

Dapper, debonair, cultured and cultivated, terms that have been used for generations to describe the ins and outs of men’s fashion. But what makes men’s fashion?…… In my opinion, it’s the classic styles and trends stemming from the fashionable dressings of the 1920s; an era that still to this day maintains a strong hold and influence over todays modern style. 239 more words