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Everything I need to know about creative spaces I learned from the art on Mad Men

There’s a Dar Williams song, “Mark Rothko Song,” that affects me. I have listened to it over and over again over the past ten years, and though I never knew who or what it was about there is something about this song that makes my heart shift every time I hear it, that makes me feel something: something warm and also like marine blue currents, something both smiling and melancholy, something incandescent like flashes of sunlight on the surface of dark fathomless water. 1,116 more words

Hopes And Dreams

Songs of the Sea: The Light and the Sea- Dar Williams

Here’s another Song of the Sea. It’s by Dar Williams. I really like her (tho to be truthful, this isn’t really one of my favorite songs by her). 234 more words

February is the End of the World

Every February my heart sings the blues. I prepare for this, I anticipate this, I expect this. But no amount of sitting in front of my sun lamp seems to alleviate the doldrums of February. 572 more words


A musical interlude

Today I’m running low on ideas and energy, but inspired by discovering that one of my favourite singer-songwriters is coming to the UK this week, and that i can GO SEE HER, I’m giving you without more ado: the therapy song by Dar Williams (lyrics below for anyone who wants them) 448 more words