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The Adventures at Shawnigan Lake

This past Thursday I went up to my boyfriend’s family cabin at Shawnigan Lake, been about a year since I have been up there. Last time I was up I learned to waterski, which is so much fun. 388 more words

Graphic Novel Review: Marvel 1602 By Neil Gaiman

Marvel 1602 puts some of the big names (Nick Fury, Peter Parker, The X-Men, Fantastic Four etc.) in the Marvel Universe in 17th Century England. The Queen is ill, the witchbreeds (mutants) are being captured and burned, an unknown force is threatening the world and Dr. 356 more words

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June 29th - Daredevil crosses the Niagra Falls - "Tightrope"

In 1859, the #NiagraFalls were crossed on a #tightrope.  Here is #StoneRoses version! ” #singing;#feelgood


You should have been an angel, it would’ve suited you… 349 more words

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Day One Hundred Twelve: The hoovering Alien

This may look like Alien was being extra helpful today and helping out with the big house clean, but alas not, no instead he was having his very own thrill ride. 46 more words

Daily Alien

Day One Hundred Four: The Alien who fed the geese

Who knew that feeding two simple geese could be a high risk activity but then I guess when you are only 1.5 inches tall and the bread you are feeding them is bigger than you are it suddenly becomes a white knuckle thrill feeding them. 21 more words

Daily Alien

Day Ninety Three: The Alien and the really big slide

Now that is one brave Alien to go head first down such a scary long slide. (Which happens to be shaped like a giant shoe, one would think it was in my house or something!)

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