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Practicing Connection

Don’t you love those moments when you FEEL so ALIVE? Dipping your toes into the cold ocean, walking in the moonlight, hearing exciting news, seeing something wonderful happen, feeling the rain on your skin, or tasting something delicious like ice-cold watermelon on a hot day. 383 more words


Measure Twice. Cut Once

Wise words? Nah, more like obvious.

As in any creation, planning is important. Some say you have to visualize it and it will be. Others are more pragmatic. 112 more words

Dare To Dream

[video] 5 Top Prosperity Questions Answered


What are your top two questions about Prosperity and Abundance?

Did you know that some men and women actually feel guilty about having more than enough? 30 more words

Angel Lady Terrie Marie

[video] Which Is It Spiritual or Prosperous?


Most of the men and women I talk with have told me that they just want to be comfortable, they don’t want more than their fair share or it isn’t about the money. 59 more words

Terrie Marie

Gliding at the Mountaintops

“No matter what your goal, if you never aim for the mountaintops, you will always be stuck in the valleys of life. As you remain stuck, there will always be others who achieve their goals because they dared to dream and act on those dreams.” — Mark Escalera… 35 more words


Lazy day!!

Not worked my business today as I think it’s still important to have time out with the family, otherwise my face is just stuck in my iPad or in the laptop!! 133 more words

Vacation Paradise: Hotels And Resorts I Die To Visit

While waiting for Tropical Typhoon Glenda to stop the hell slamming galvanized irons on the streets and slapping people with her unforgiving wind, my mind was flying somewhere!! 1,117 more words