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65 Daredevils Describe Their Insanely Dangerous High-Risk Habits!

AskReddit recently asked people what sort of things people like to do because they “live dangerously”—their answers will SHOCK you! Do NOT try any of these things at home, or anywhere else for that matter—you could break a leg or put an eye out! 973 more words

america trivia roundup

With independence day approaching, this week’s roundup is a treasury of Americana. By which I mean baseball, daredevils, trade disputes, monopolistic business practices, union-busting, trucks, factory farming, and unbridled violence. 1,883 more words


Bad Arse Slip N Slide

I think we’ve all done the “Slip n Slide” in the yard growing up.

Perhaps, you’ve “rednecked it up” with a plastic tarp and soap down a hill? 33 more words


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Budapest livening up their tram system, incredible effects


Red Bull & Go Pro sponsor some of the coolest people in the world and their videos are always so adrenaline packed they never disappoint! 39 more words

Summer done right..check out this intense Slip N' Slide.

Check out these crazy daredevils going down a 50 foot cliff on a Slip N Slide. This could be the greatest Summer time invention EVER! 27 more words