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Homemade Wine, The Ozark Mountain daredevils

The Ozark Hill Daredevils Play HOMEMADE WINE recorded real-time at Steelville-s WILDWOOD SPRINGS HOTEL Missouri November 2nd 2012. The Ozark hill daredev …

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Beyond the Falls

For many years, this site has been a tourist attraction and one of the seven wonders of the world. The sight of the majestic Falls impressed the visitors, but it did not faze my friends because well, they’ve already seen the Falls numerous times. 442 more words

Val's Notebook

65 Daredevils Describe Their Insanely Dangerous High-Risk Habits!

AskReddit recently asked people what sort of things people like to do because they “live dangerously”—their answers will SHOCK you! Do NOT try any of these things at home, or anywhere else for that matter—you could break a leg or put an eye out! 973 more words