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It’s a challenge,
I am daring your heart.
A game of chance you say.
There will be doubts,
A slight hesitation perhaps,
But we mustn’t deny destiny, 51 more words


Pen Therapy

My first novel was written on a dare.  I was in the (small) corporate world, and writing dry press releases, web pages, and white papers.  I hadn’t thought about fiction writing in three years when, freelancing and raising kids, I dabbled in a novel that I cannot find anywhere now. 597 more words

Please Comment!!

Hello Everyone, I just want to know what you guys think of me posting pranks that I pull on people.. Should I post videos or should I just write on it. 13 more words


Your Feedback Counts - Blog Suggestions

Hello Everyone. I’m new here and I have absolutely no idea on what I’m supposed to do and that’s where you guys come in.

I would really like it if you woukd leave your opinion in the comments as to what I should base my blog on! 131 more words



What is it with people today and internet challenges?

I first heard about these challenges when people began eating large quantities of cinnamon without any liquid to swallow it with and then posting their experiences on Youtube. 453 more words


The Dare

Today I was dared by my husband to finish The Way of Kings. I have about 300 pages left to go and this dare was initiated about an hour ago. 43 more words


Seven Daily Dares: Part One

I dare you to wake up and not check your mobile phone for emails, missed phone calls or pay no attention to that game you’re, for some crazy reason, addicted to which I believe begins with “Kim Kar…”. 190 more words

Daily Routine