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The Dare

“I double dog dare ya!” said Butch.

What seemed like a good idea earlier didn’t seem so hot now that we were standing on the front lawn of old lady Havisham’s aged Victorian. 526 more words

My Fiction

It’s so sad, but I’ve only got 34 more days in the UK. I want to make the most of it so I’ve decided to do a 30 day challenge. 141 more words


Go on a Technology Fast

Get up aboard a train or a bus or even just at the stations and bus stops. Just look around.

Count the people absorbed with their phones and/or iPads. 928 more words


Getting Out There

Placing ourselves out there is not easy for some of us. It’s easier to stay hidden behind our safety walls. My stranger danger wall is tall–very, very tall. 182 more words


Dare #22 - watching the sun rise

It’s quite thrilling to watch the dawn of a new day knowing that it brings with it the unknown and possibilities. I wonder what this day will bring as I watch the suns rays reach high over the ocean, awakening our part of the world with its rich golden and amber tones turning the sky from charcoal into a beautiful pale blue. 148 more words


The Adventures Have Begun

I was lost in the flurry of time, laughter, touch, inebriation, music, and smoke.

There is a fine line between being sleepy and being drunk, and because I am used to being asleep by 9 or 10 PM, perhaps I could safely say that I was not drunk at 4 AM this morning. 290 more words