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A-to-Z Challenge - The Letter D


Demons dangling dares
Dealing daily dances
Dirty deeds done
Draining, demoralizing, destroying
Daresay dramatic
Dreadful, darkness, dying

April Resolutions & Dares

April Fools!

I got nothing.

I used to be so gullible on April Fools Day when I was younger.  One year, my mom woke me up for school and told me it had snowed and school was cancelled.  242 more words


Relative risk

At the Grocery Boy, Jr. near my house (the one with the premium ice that will be less than $1.00 until sometime in 2114), there’s a sign behind the counter advertising cigarette prices. 505 more words


Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today. James Dean

Dare # 14 – Plan to live

This sounds weird and morbid but I’ve just been to the funeral of a 38yo Mum of two, who died of breast cancer (which is sooooo wrong!).  

521 more words

Ice-Floats and Eskimos..The Lonely Patient


I am 10 years old again. I’m laying on the thin layer of ice covering our pond. I’ve been staring at the sun for too long and now everything else seems dark and murky, and I’m guessing that isn’t a good thing. 568 more words

Dare #12 - work outdoors whenever possible

I’m sitting here writing this blog post from my favourite location / my local creek. Today the water is blue like the Mediterranean and a beautiful breeze is blowing in my hair. 47 more words