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Thank You, Come Again.

I LOVE a good dress up, costume parties for the win!
So when our good friend, Dias, announced his 30th birthday would be ‘Childhood Cartoon’ themed, our imaginations were running wild! 214 more words

We can learn from anything

Do you get the feeling that your mind is always like thinking more than anyone else’s? Well, that happened to me today, I was watching ‘Daria’ on netflix and it made me meditate on what was happening on the show, not just the sarcastic negative thoughts of a teenager, but what every character represents and how the society doesn’t change that much. 175 more words

LA with Maria

Wybrałyśmy się dziś na shopping w LA. Mama miała wolne (odebrała telefon z pracy tylko trzy razy,z czego raz poproszono ją o przyjście na oddział, ale dzielna Mama się nie zgodziła!), więc zabrałyśmy Laurę i Marię i pojechałyśmy poszaleć po sklepach, zwłaszcza, że Maria chciała bardzo kupić sobie MacBooka, więc wyprawa do sklepu była z cyklu tych “pilnych”, a że była okazja, to stwierdziłyśmy wszystkie, że zawsze fajnie zajrzeć do Los Angeles :) 458 more words


The Thirty Percent

As children we were always asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and our answers varied depending on which phase of life we were at. 396 more words

Do I have room for another device?

Starting out another University semester of blogging for the reason of current personal development for future business employment. This time, the overall idea is ‘Media, Audience and Place’, how each aspect affects an individual and how it develops that individual into society, whether or not this comes to be answered it will be interesting to see how we go. 406 more words