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Throwback Thursday: 90's Polish

Let us kick off the first Throwback Thursday with inspiration from “The Fashion Club“. Remember the Hard Candy polish with the bonus rubber shaped ring that never fit anyone or how about begging your mom to take you to Sephora to drop $18 on sparkly Urban Decay nail polish? 69 more words

1990 Beauty

Five Fictional Crushes

I mentioned briefly in my last post that I am attracted to Sandor Clegane from Game of Thrones (I mean, have you seen him in… 1,169 more words


Monthly Mood Board: April

Trends come and go, so let’s see what’s “blush” this month. 

They’re the link between the J.Crew catalogue and Juicy J: sneakers are everywhere this season. 47 more words


Day at the Beach

A group of girls (and Pierce who drove them) made the most of the sunshine and headed to the beach.

Pierce really, really fancies Ella (everyone knows it) but she doesn’t give him any sign of whether she likes him in that way, so Pierce is like a sad little puppy dog… 122 more words

General / News

Day 3 (v.2)


- I thought it would be fun to order a super spicy dish at the Thai place. The woman had to refill my water glass five times but it was a new adventure and despite my burning mouth, it was good to try something new. 351 more words

Daily Posts

The Irony

Earlier this evening, my mom asked me to make dinner (cause I’m an awesome cook, FYI). I said I would, and came up to my room to finish something that I was reading. 429 more words

Uczę się rysować

Jaką tapetę na pulpit zaprojektować? W jakich kolorach? Uczę się rysować na komputerze…. Kamil mówi, że nie zostanę grafikiem, że nie mam do tego talentu… On jeszcze mnie nie zna i nic nie wie… :D Przecież nie wie, co będzie w przyszłości.