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Musical Episode at its Best

I finally reached my favorite Daria episode in the season 3 opener – Daria! This is a musical episode and it comes through in so many ways. 112 more words


Frases perdidas #2

No tengo baja la autoestima, es un error. Lo que tengo baja es mi estima por todos los demas.

Daria – Serie de tv

Off Topic

[2995] My first II

Obudził mnie dźwięk SMSa. Niechętnie wyciągnęłam rękę spod prześcieradła i sięgnęłam po telefon. Pisała Daria: Sprawdziłam maila, mam II do San Antonio! Koniecznie sprawdź, czy też już dostałaś! 363 more words


To be in on the secret

I began this post with the idea that one can break the “rules” in fashion, as long as you indicate that you are breaking the rules.  455 more words

A Jump Into an Animated Classic

Even though my nights can be measured in 44-minute to hour long intervals, there always come this awkward time around 10:30 p.m. when I’m too tired to commit to an hour-long show, but not quite ready to turn it in completely. 148 more words


Sixers' Daria Saric to Spend Next Two Seasons Playing in Europe to Improve Attitude

Fortunate to have two lottery picks in the 2014 NBA Draft, the 76ers opted to take two players immediately unavailable. Their second first round pick they took after Joel Embiid was Daria Saric, an animated grunge teenager from the 1990s. 114 more words