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World's biggest bunny weighs 49 pounds, eats $4,000 in food each year

5-year-old Darius, a Continental Giant rabbit who measures more than 4 feet long, downs 12 carrots a day, among other eats, and holds the Guinness World Record for being the World’s Biggest Rabbit. 215 more words

Aug. 15 (1990)

Age 11/ Pre-Grade 6

MOO MOO  Today is Aug. 15.  I’m sick and my stomach is burning.  The song on the radio is Wind of Change by Scorpions.   83 more words

February 6, 1990

Age 10/ Grade 5

Last Saterday was the Tip-Up pagent.  Theresa got 1st runner up and her best friend Dawn got queen.  Dawn did a snow white and the seaven dwafrs.   137 more words

Vibrations & Connections

After exchanging a certain amount of energy with others, we inherently know things about them even when we aren’t around them. This can be a blessing or a curse for a medium. 663 more words


Darius - Hot Hands

‘Hot Hands’ is taken from Darius’ EP “Romance” which came out in February of this year. The most notable thing about the track is the initial beat, which is simple enough that its not overpowering, but effective enough that its the driving force behind the track for its duration. 76 more words

April 5th, 2014: Bethel's A.M.E Spring Fling Fashion Show

Bethel’s A.M.E Spring Fling Fashion Show took place on April 5th at Bethel’s Church in Iowa City. Comedian Darius Bowie hosted this event for the church that he currently attends. 195 more words


Darius- Hot Hands

Grab that special someone and get close people. This song “Hot Hands” by Darius is hot!