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5 Facts Everyone Should Know About the Vikings.

In modern popular culture the Vikings are more myth than fact. Here are a few things we should all know about the Vikings because as it turns out, they had more to do with the development of Western Civilization than most people realize. 1,306 more words


Another Monday

Manic Monday by The Bangles.

I know it’s an ’80s song. I was born in the ’80s a.k.a. The Dark Ages to teenagers today. Back then, we didn’t have the internet, neither i-Pads nor i-Pods. 22 more words

The End of Greco-Roman Civilisation

In his historical series ‘Civilisation’, Kenneth Clark blamed the decline of the ancient Greek and Roman societies on a single cause: exhaustion. The ‘feeling of hopelessness which can overcome people even with a high degree of material prosperity’. 1,557 more words



In a desperate attempt to make full use of my laptops 1 year warranty, I decided I’d get it some spare parts by semi-faking faults and sending it off to apple for a fine tune. 194 more words

Anything And Everything

This Spring...The Vikings Will Return!


France, 822 A.D.

Abriel Haraldsson is prey on the run.

He was injured in combat and taken by his men to the nearby monastery of Saint Philbert to be healed. 111 more words


Inspiration Technology

It’s rare that I come across a media campaign so powerful that I can’t say anything more than a subdued, “Wow”, and I’ve been around long enough to have seen plenty of them. 427 more words

Looking For Work

Early Saxon Warband

This is a continuation of my Dux Bellorum project. After having completed the Sub-Roman British, I’ve now moved on to the dreaded Saxons. 

First up is the warlord himself, along with his companions. 365 more words