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The Viking Hauberk

DID YOU KNOW that the Vikings seldom used Hauberks? For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term hauberk, it is simply a chain mail shirt described as “reaching to the hip and with sleeves”. 230 more words


The East-West Divide: Stephen Oppenheimer's ‘The Origins of the British’

Stephen Oppenheimer is an ‘Associate’ of the University of Oxford’s Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, a popular science writer and a public speaker. In this book he drew on the research of many geneticists, archaeologists, historians, linguists, geologists, climatologists etc. 1,514 more words


Abnett & Culbard Premiere Dark Ages From Dark Horse

By Staff Reports

(Anaheim)—Dark Horse Comics is pleased to debut Dark Ages, another cosmic thrill ride from Guardians of the Galaxy’s Dan Abnett!

The creators of Vertigo’s The New Deadwardians, Dan Abnett and I.N.J. 140 more words


The House of Wessex: Why it's Awesome

The House of Wessex was the first House to rule England as a mostly united country. Before the House of Wessex, England was broken into various warring kingdoms with their various kings however, this feudalism came to an end in 802 when Egbert of Wessex was able to gain and control most lands in England. 364 more words

the perfect crime

A car pulled up at a restaurant. Two people,one male one. Female got out of the car. They went towards the restaurant. Readers of criminal fantasy would recognize them as Conrad and Brenda. 915 more words

Importance of Immunization

Immunization is one of the most important things to have done in this time and age. Not only that, they protect our children from possibly dying from major illnesses. 190 more words

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West Africa Ebola confirmed in outbreak is new strain

April 2014AFRICA – The Ebola virus in western Africa is a novel strain that probably evolved locally and circulated for months before the outbreak became apparent, researchers said. 540 more words
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