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Importance of Immunization

Immunization is one of the most important things to have done in this time and age. Not only that, they protect our children from possibly dying from major illnesses. 190 more words

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West Africa Ebola confirmed in outbreak is new strain

April 2014AFRICA – The Ebola virus in western Africa is a novel strain that probably evolved locally and circulated for months before the outbreak became apparent, researchers said. 540 more words
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The Irish SAGA continues

Lest it be thought that I do not actually PLAY any games, I thought I should include something of a battle report. Not a terribly good one, I will add, but something to prove I do actually play a game every so often. 525 more words


Ireland in the Lore of the Ancients


SCOTIA (A name transferred to Alba about ten centuries after Christ) was one of the earliest names of Ireland – so named, it was said, from Scota, the daughter of Pharaoh, one of the ancient female ancestors of the Milesians – and the people were commonly called Scotti or Scots – both terms being frequently used by early Latin historians and poets. 238 more words

Greetings and Salutations!

Thank you for stopping by! At the tail end of last year I made the first step to joining a re-enactment / living history group. I am now trying to jump through the hoops of kit and information to enable me to attend shows and face the public! 42 more words

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Scientists predict possible threat of H5N1 bird flu virus spreading through air

April 2014HEALTH – In a serious revelation, a Cell Press news release has said that the deadly bird flu (H5N1) virus can be easily spread through air and if that would be the case then more lives would be on threat. 287 more words
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Ebola virus creates panic along coast of West Africa - empties hotels

April 2014AFRICA – Ibrahima Capi Camara’s phone at the Grand Hotel de L’Independence in Guinea’s capital hasn’t stopped ringing since an Ebola outbreak began last month, for all the wrong reasons. 401 more words
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