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The Testament According to Thrash Pt. 2

Welcome back for the second and concluding portion of last week’s article.

  1. Megadeth – Rust in Peace (1990)

I really wanted a Megadeth album on this list but I was seriously torn between Peace Sells… and Rust… . 1,319 more words


Loving My Book

I’m loving my book, ‘Dark Angel’ by Virginia Andrews, already and I can’t wait to get stuck into the depth of the plot.

Reading  really does relax me, open my imagination and sometimes play on my feelings, which I love. 6 more words

My Thoughts...

Dark Angel, A transgenic soap opera worth hunting

Okay, so, a friend and I are pretty huge Jensen Ackles fans and a couple months back I pointed out that he was in the show  869 more words


The Fallen Angels


Menurut Kitab Enoch/Henokh (Muslim’s name : Idris). Ada 200 malaikat yang jatuh ke Bumi, disebut “Fallen angels” atau “The Sons of God”.Beberapa diantara mereka adalah kelompok “Pengintai”/The [/B]Watchers/Grigori (Aramik, עִיר., Yunani ἐγρήγοροι). 2,396 more words

Angelology & Demonology

Siapakah Mereka Yang Disebut Fallen Angel?

Pernah dengar Lucifer? Atau Lucifer Project yang terkenal dengan Fallen Angelnya? Lucifer = Lux (cahaya) dan Fer (Pembawa). Siapakah mereka? Menyadur dari diskusi di grup Facebook saduran mas Sony H. 838 more words

Angelology & Demonology

Bleak Angel

All ways are closed; now the dark angel
holds me to his heart;

and folds me
in his glimmering wings.

I am immersed in the destructive element; 193 more words


Dark Angel...

I have planned to shoot Dark Angel for a while.

Unfortunately it rained and we had to call off the shoot after only a few shots. 10 more words