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I Come in Peace/ Dark Angel - Part 3,

Last time. Stuff blowed up. Other stuff didn’t blowed up. And now the conclusion…
As Dolph is about to drive away, he finally notices the other Lambertian in his car, who only says, “He must be stopped!” Benben is in the middle of chewing Dolph’s head off when he turns and sees the other Lambertian, though Dolph assures him that the alien is on their side (still not sure how he figured that out, as a chemical engineering degree doesn’t prepare you for this kinda stuff). 1,752 more words

Dark Angel

Cut-Short Shows: Dark Angel (2000-2002)

Contains Spoilers

The Dark Angel season 2 finale left us with more questions than when it started…Do the transgenics ever find equality in the dystopian future? 6,493 more words


MG SS : The Dark Angel of Fate (Part 24)

MG SS : The Dark Angel of Fate …!!






she left leaving him broken …he knew what had cost her because he had lost him damn memory but hearing it from her hurt like he never knew it will ..ofcourse she is right ..he wasn’t thr for her last 13 years n now all of a sudden he can’t claim to know everything about her life …he will have to earn that trust again ..that friendship again …n then may be ..just may be she will let him help her ..but till then he can’t leave her alone to face that handa family …he won’t ..she like it or not she will have to be here .. 2,539 more words

Dark Angel

Wings by Melissa's Dark Angel

I stand at the top of the mountain

watching the skies


i am alone, yet filled with the world around me.

my Wings begin to flutter … 271 more words

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Arches National Park - Utah - A Natural Wonder of the Western States

Arches National Park is one of the finest National Parks in the country.  It is also, quite frankly, one of the greatest places on earth.  Why it isn’t a Wonder of the World I will never know.  1,097 more words

MG SS : The Dark Angel of Fate ..(Part 23)

MG SS : The Dark Angel Of Fate …!!






In geet’s room now ..she was lying in her bed unconscious while maan was inquiring the docter worried sick for her …having her faint in his arms was the most fearful moment of last 24 hours .. 2,451 more words

Dark Angel